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Japan: Pokemon Sword & Shield launch event cancelled for operational reasons


Sadly the Pokemon Company has announced that the special launch event for Pokemon Sword & Shield which was due to take place next week in Tokyo, Japan has been cancelled. The Pokemon Company blames the cancellation on “operational reasons.” Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori were both meant to make an appearance at the event.


45 thoughts on “Japan: Pokemon Sword & Shield launch event cancelled for operational reasons”

  1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    Good, they probably know the reactions of the leaks. They know this game is going to be a bad letdown game, which is probably why they aren’t sending any review copies until the release

    1. I agree. Some popular YouTubers trying to get themselves in trouble by Nintendo and GameFreak for showing the game story mode on there channels to there viewers. They did the same thing with 2 other games.

    2. They sent out review copies somebody stole a review copy and leaked the entire dex they problems planed on showing some stuff but u got these assholes on the internet who ruin everything

      1. It’s more Complicated than that. Rumor has it that the Pokémon company are very angry about this and even the people who worked for GameFreak are disappointed with their own bosses. I’m afraid the leaks wasn’t the only thing that is making GameFreak scared.

  2. Good news on that. Gamefreak and Nintendo are trying to prevent some popular YouTubers and of course some software pirates for spoiling the game story mode by uploading them on there channels, who will get the game early from Nintendo and from some stores when the game is getting close on being release. Gamefreak is doing a good job on trying to prevent that happening again. Those greedy YouTubers and Software Pirates getting for what’s coming to them. I really hate being spolied because of them.

    1. Dude. It’s way more complicated than that. It’s the kids version of Fallout 76 but worse x10. Even the people who worked for GameFreak hated it themselves. I don’t think you wanna speak for the Japanese people who’s well known time of work is 24/7 x10. Oof!

  3. As soon as I heard that the games were being leaked I went through and blocked any YouTube channels and recommend videos to do with Pokémon. I’ve been pleased with how little has actually been shown for these games, unlike the last couple of generations, so I’m not going to have some pointless leakers spoil things.

    1. A few weeks ago, I realized it’s gonna happen again and now this week, it just did as usual. Those software leakers are really greedy. If I was you, I would just report the channel or the video.

      1. Really now? False flagging a channel is both illegal in the United States and can get you fine over a million dollars. Trust me? You don’t wanna have the same cell mate as bubba. 😅

        1. its not false flagging. its illegal to show off the game story mode and gameplay early for some popular youtubers and twitters users who got the game early while it has not been revealed by GameFreak and Nintendo themselves yet. Beside’s its Nintendo game and they made it. They can flag people’s videos and channel anyway they want for leaking the game story mode and new pokemon early before its release. some popular youtubers and twitter users got hit with the copyright strike by Nintendo and they always serious with the copyright laws and users leaking the game.

          1. I know what you mean. But it’s also against YouTube’s rules to false flag unless it’s the company that owns the IP. false flagging can get your account terminated. So be careful. What I would do is report the video to Nintendo themselves so they can do something about it.

            1. Honestly, i didn’t report there videos and there channels because, i don’t want to see any spoilers from both games until i get my hands on it. I know its against the guidelines for falsely reporting peoples videos, but Nintendo trying to protect there IPs from some popular youtubers who leak the game story mode early that they made.

    2. You might as well leave the internet altogether if you like blocking people on YouTube. lol

      I hear PornHub is still open for more upcoming superstars. You should join that site for huge bucks. 😂 👌

    1. You’re putting your whole Pokemon team at a major disadvantage.

      Hell, you could miss some rare one-chance Pokemon.

      Who am I kidding, I know all I need to know about game(s) to have a hard time in sounding like I care.

      1. I mean, it’s pokemon…
        If major disadvantage means the game is even the slightest bit challenging, I’ll gladly accept it.

        Not really the collector type anymore either, so I don’t mind missing pokemon on the way. Like always I’ll find 4-6 pokemon I like and use them through the whole game.

          1. Pretty hard to not know a legendary when you see one. There is so much pomp and circumstance added to them that I think the different battle theme, or the stylized battle intro, or the long winded cutscene would tip me off that it’s not a normal pokemon.
            As for catching it I’ll give it a try, but it’s just going to sit in my PC. So I don’t really care if it gets away.

  4. thats bit of bad news for most of japanese people over there since most of people worldwide was fuming about pokemon that got cut during the development update and they bothered to add national dex since they should or supposed to do that as well so people can transfer their pokemon into pokebank into gen 8 current then future pokemon games as well..

  5. Leakers… It’s themselves leaking it.
    Think of it this way, up until now only some were talking about Pokémon. “Leak” the game and everyone talks about it.
    They’ve done it every time a pokemon game comes out and honestly? It’s far too obvious it’s them.

    Also they cancelled it because if “safety” of Masuda and Ohmori

    1. Yeah, they done this before with Pokemon Sun and Moon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for leaking the game story mode early for 1 to 2 weeks for its release. You see, This is why Nintendo and GameFreak should fix there company policy for sending popular games early to some popular YouTubers/Twitch users to avoid software leakers for spoiling the game story mode and other gameplays from most consumers.

      I knew this is gonna again this week witch i figured its going to happen because of them. They just intend to avoid Nintendo’s policy and rules and they don’t really care if there channels or videos gets taken down by Nintendo and GameFreak. Some of them just being greedy as always. they like to get there hands on the game early from other retailers stores.

    2. Honestly when I saw the leaked list of what Pokemon were culled, any excitement for this game hit rock bottom. I knew the culling would’ve been bad, but not to this extent. It’s not half of the amount that USUM offered, and barely any more than what we had in the gen 3 games.

      1. Zorua & Zoroark weren’t in this list of culled Pokemon, were they!? Please say they weren’t in it as I have a Zorua at level 1 that is rearing & ready to go to be leveled up & evolved into Zoroark. If I don’t get to carry it with me from the start of my adventure, I’m gonna be pissed.

            1. Unova has most of the mons that made it in with 81, Kanto is second at around 46, and the rest are in the 30’s. There’s only about 400 Pokemon in Swooshi including the new Pokemon, so we lost well more than half of the Pokemon.

              1. It sucks that Zorua & Zoroark aren’t in that 81 since they were part of the best Pokemon from that region/gen. That & Zoroark was one of N’s most prized Pokemon. Also, Zoroark had an in-game event tied to him as well.

                That aside, I’m surprised Kanto doesn’t have the most in the game as I thought they’d get special treatment.

                1. I am boycotting these games. There is a guy known as port274 whose friend said that Sword and Shield would be the names long before it was public knowledge and had stamps to those messages to prove it. The same friend said that the whole reason the dex was cut was because the animation and model transporter was screwed up, and they made this PR disaster instead of taking time to correct the problem. The policy Masuda has been telling us is a lie according to him. The plan is to make it seem like the future games will follow along with the policy, but they will pretend they fixed the issue in upcoming games as a response to the backlash rather than admitting to us the real reason behind the disaster.

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