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“Nintendo very specifically wanted somebody with a visible disability” for their newest Switch commercial

A week ago, Nintendo released a Switch commercial called “Our Favorite Ways to Play”. There were many kids and teens in the commercial, including 16-year-old Aaron Waddingham. Waddingham has Down syndrome, and his mother says that this had a lot to do with why her son was in the commercial in the first place. Sue Robins, his mom said that “Nintendo very specifically wanted somebody with a visible disability”. Robins also said that a combination of his acting coach and drama classes helped prepare him for the Nintendo shoot and rehearsal. She also said that “it was pretty cool because it was a rehearsal to play a video game. They trained him how to play the Nintendo game, which I think you already knew how to play, because you’re a 16-year-old boy”. Robins’ tweeted about it too, so you can see her tweet down below.


12 thoughts on ““Nintendo very specifically wanted somebody with a visible disability” for their newest Switch commercial”

    1. Its nice and sweet, and not clickbait like nintendolife that site is straight up horrible the journalism make anything news worthy, and sometimes they come off heavily bias and the userbase seems pretty toxic I have yet to make an account on there and I will keep it like this I honestly perfer this site because its doesn’ t post anything (unless its alba making a post) and plus there not super bias.

      1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

        I like how you just wanted to express your hatred for Nintendo life so badly. Yeah, that site does suck but making news articles just about anything is almost as bad.

        1. Small news is still news. You can’t always expect a news outlet to have huge articles every day; that’s just not how the news works unless they’re fabricating things.

          I rather liked this article because it was cool to know that Nintendo actively wanted a special needs person in their commercial, and it was really sweet seeing the parent of the actor respond to seeing the commercial after it aired

      2. At least it’s not Resetera. No, wait. Both are equally bad. One is just more woke while the other worships Nintendo like it’s some kind of untouchable god that you are forbidden to criticize. Well, no. Both can’t stand it when something they worship is criticized. Point is, they both suck.

  1. You can’t create equal treatment for a group of people you think have been ignored by making a big deal about them.

    As an example, the headline “New major RPG to feature LGBT main protagonist” does *nothing* to help LGBT acceptance. The whole point is you want people NOT to care. That you want it to be normal. Nothing is normalized by treating it as a major event worthy of discussion.

    Good for the kid, but Sonicgalaxy27 has the right attitude. Ok? So what?

    1. At least I don’t feel offended by this, which I can’t say about articles that glorify sexual disorders like LGBT. Noone is saying that Down’s syndrom is cool and normal.

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