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Famitsu: Sakurai discussed Smash Ultimate surpassing Street Fighter II to become the best-selling fighting game ever

This week’s issue of Famitsu contained Masahiro Sakurai’s 592nd column. In it, Sakurai talked about the recent news that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had become the best-selling fighting game ever. This accomplishment previously belonged to Street Fighter II. Sakurai said that Japan considers Smash an action game. Despite Smash Ultimate’s achievement, Sakurai says that he still considers Street Fighter II to be the king of fighting games. Sakurai also said that a fighting game, once mastered, may become stale. This is why, according to Sakurai, the series is designed closer to a party game.



  1. “This is why, according to Sakurai, the series is designed closer to a party game.”

    All the smash haters in the FGC who say smash is not a real fighting game are going to have field day with this.

    1. Smash is a party game when played casually, it’s also be a fighting game when played competively. I don’t see how people don’t know that it can be two things. Plus, fighting games don’t have to follow the traditional inputs like Street
      Fighter to be a fighting game, there can be many different versions. And besides, it’s literally listed as a fighting game in the Nintendo site.

  2. It’s a platformer fighting game which requires more focus on movement and spacing rather than executing button combos.

    Imo it takes more skill to master smash Bros and also requires less skill to have fun playing it (compared to traditional fighting games).

    I still enjoy a fighting game but Smash Bros really has no reason not to hold it’s head high in spite of criticisms.

    1. “which requires more focus on movement and spacing rather than executing button combos.”

      Executing button combos is the entrance level to competitive fighting games. It is not what determines the winner at a competitive level. Spacing is spectacularly important in *all* fighting games.

      1. “I said “more focus””

        Right, I read it. It was just silly. Street Fighter 2, the example in the article, has less emphasis on button combos, and more emphasis on spacing than Smash Ultimate does.

  3. I mean, Smash at default is definitely a party game. It’s when you turn everything off and go at it one on one that it becomes a true fighting game. That’s the beauty of Smash. It can be whatever you want it to be, a casual or hardcore affair. Either way the SF community will still claim it’s the best selling fighting game despite Smash being one too if you want it to be. Love both games and it’s quite the achievements for both in any respect.

  4. Mario party dice confirmed for Smash’s final fighters pass DLC!

    On a serious note, congratulations Sakurai, you made one diamond of a game on top of many other gems.

    Now, about Shantae…

  5. Whether or not it is a “fighting” game is an arbitrary label that does not determine quality. Its playstyle is more than unique enough to consider it a subgenre. Liking Smash does not necessarily suggest you would like traditional fighting games, and liking traditional fighting games does not necessarily suggest that you would like Smash. That does not diminish what Smash is, its just being honest about its unique nature.

    A game like Tekken 7 places a large emphasize on predicting how to defend based on a textbook sized number of options the opponent could select. Its like Rock Paper Scissors with 3000 options. In Smash, your opponent is relegated to a tiny number of options, and your defensive choices work about as effectively against most threats providing you’re choosing to be defensive at the right time. The base interaction with the opponent, the thing you’re trying to predict, is fairly significantly different between the two games. You can justifiably call them separate genres. After all, Mario and Mega Man are both platformers, that does not mean that playing them is a similar experience, or that the skills involved are the same. Some transfer over, to be sure, but they are differentiated enough that you can’t really measure who is “better”. Coolkid holds most Mega Man speedrun world records most of the time. MitchFlowerPower holds most Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrun records most of the time. Trying to determine which is “more skilled” is a bit ridiculous.

  6. To me it is a strategy fighting party game. If your favorite character is not as strong as someone else’s favorite character like Ganon then you have to strategize the character and player’s weaknesses in order to win. Same for the character loving the strongest players vs weaker players.

    On a traditional fighting game everyone has the same strength.

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