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Bravely Default 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020

Nintendo has announced another game at The Game Awards 2019, and this one may surprise you. The team behind Octopath Traveler and the Bravely series are back with Bravely Default II, as well as a reveal trailer. The game will have “a brand-new world, new Heroes of Light and music from Revo”. Bravely Default II will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2020. We’ve provided Nintendo’s official tweet for you, which includes the trailer, down below.

17 thoughts on “Bravely Default 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020”

        1. So I guess Bravely is gonna be taking the Final Fantasy route where each new Bravely Default numbered entry is gonna be an original story with original characters and an original world. So I guess this means if any subsequent Bravely Defaults get a direct sequel, that sequel will be called Bravely Second. Or maybe Bravely Second will be a one off going forward since the original Bravely Default did end with a cliffhanger. If it’s the latter, then I guess the franchise name going forward will be Bravely Default instead of just simply being Bravely. I’m gonna go with the latter til I play Bravely Default II and see if that game also ends with a cliffhanger.

          1. In any case, I’m glad they aren’t gonna go with the naming convention of calling every sequel Bravely Second, Bravely Third, etc. If this franchise makes it to 102, that’s gonna be Bravely One Hundred & Second! Talk about a mouthful of a name! xD

            1. I mean, to be fair: EVERY game franche that made it to 102 entries and kept numbering their games consistently would eventually become annoying to pronounce. Probably the only reason we haven’t experienced this yet is because games take very long to develop and the games industry is way too young for any franchise to be that far yet. None of us will probably even live long enough to experience a 102nd entry into any game series. :P

              1. No we will not. Especially when we take into account not every entry in a franchise has a number & some just have subtitles. Like Assassin’s Creed where only 4 games in the series have had a number attached.

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            3. I’m so excited for this game! Especially since Revo is back on music <3

              Honestly, I didn't think Bravely Second was a worthy successor to the masterpiece that the first game was. Maybe this is them recognizing that in some way? I just hope they get the original writers from Bravely Default. That was my biggest complaint with Bravely Second besides the terrible music (which we know won't be an issue this time).

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