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US: Benji Sales suggests Nintendo Switch shortage

It is always tough to get lucrative items last minute at Christmas time and it looks like the Nintendo Switch joins other popular products this year. Independent analyst Benji Sales says he’s not sure how this month’s US NPD sales will turn out as there’s an apparent shortage of the standard Nintendo Switch unit. He says the Switch Lite is readily available at most stores so you should be able to purchase one as a last minute gift with relative ease.

15 thoughts on “US: Benji Sales suggests Nintendo Switch shortage”

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  2. It’s a deliberate move from Nintendo. They want to increase numbers and sales for the Lite for papers. Very clever tactic.

    The Switch is a great console for sure so I guess it is possible there are a lot out there this year just now able to get one—-but I still say this is a financial sales report move.

    1. You’re wrong about this one! The sales figures are outpacing (or have already outpaced) the Wii, it’s simply a sales juggernaut, and the “base model” is simply more popular than expectations.

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  8. Purposely done to increase sales of the Lite, base Switch still sells that good, or they just overestimated how well the Lite would do (or underestimated how well the base model would stack up against the Lite sales) & they made more of the Lite than the base ones. All are plausible theories whether you like (or believe) any of them or not. There is another theory: they are preparing to ship out Switch Pros so the base model of Switch is gonna be lite on stock so they can focus on making more of the Lite & Pro versions. That would hinge on the prospect they would release a Pro in the next few months, though. In the past, I’d say “no way” during this time of year but since the Switch originally released in March back in 2017, the idea they’d release a new model in March isn’t too far fetched these days. It doesn’t really matter to me either way, though.

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