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NPD: There were more video games released on the Switch in 2019 than the Xbox One & Playstation 4 combined

The NPD Group’s monthly report doesn’t release until next week, but NPD analyst Mat Piscatella had discussed something interesting on Twitter the other day. Piscatella says that the NPD Group tracked “over 1,480 new releases on the Nintendo Switch in the US in 2019″. This is “over 400 more” than the Playstation 4 and Xbox One combined. Even Nintendo’s last successful console, the Wii, doesn’t come close. At this point in the Wii’s life, it didn’t even see 400 new releases. The massive fan demand for Switch games that has lasted its whole life so far, the console breaking sales records and the life of the console itself reaching its peak as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s life come to a close, have given Nintendo’s console a huge library of games. You can see Piscatella’s tweets about the matter down below.

20 thoughts on “NPD: There were more video games released on the Switch in 2019 than the Xbox One & Playstation 4 combined”

    1. I’m going to guess that it still pulls out ahead, as I’d bet the overwhelming majority of the games released are in the $1-$9 range and are not on the other consoles. Just look at any week’s download post. For every Witcher 3 or Overwatch port, there’s 10 tiny games you don’t pay attention to that are only on Switch and either an app store or steam.

    1. Yeah but people said the same sort of thing about Wii games that most of them were shovelware so surely that evens it out. A game is a game whether you like it and think it’s worthy or not.

      1. You don’t get the point. there’s literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of small pieces of code on app stores that call themselfs “games”. Just because the switch got alot of that crap copied over doesn’t mean it got alot of “games”. These are no games. Alot of it is just asset flips or small pseudo-interactive software like the classic clicker. The article makes it sound like it is somehow positive for the Switch. Like this means more content or a bigger pool of games to choose from. But it really doesn’t! Most of that crap I wouldn’t even download for free. It only means that you can’t find any good games in the eShop if you just want to browse. You need to specifically know what games you want or else you don’t find anything. Even the discount section is hard to navigate because of all that crap software. Really hard to see a good indie game on discount if almost all thumbnails on the page belong to mobile trash.

      2. I have actually got to the point where I’ve released that due to work and family commitments I just ain’t ever gona play all of the games ( or all of them ) that id like too. There really is an endless list of quality games to play and that list is only gona get bigger and BIGGER

      3. Well considering who the retard who tweeted about it is, it’s clear that standards for the shitty excuse of a console are low, so to count nearly all of them as games is an insult.

        1. Shitty excuse of a console, is actually the most popular console/gaming device for the last couple years. And the figures are figures and the games are still actually games!

      4. Most of it is shovelware so kind of a hollow victory. Not to say great games don’t get released on the switch at the regular because they most certainly do.
        But for every Celeste on the eshop there’s 20 Bouncy Bobs.

      5. Most of those are just ports and indie games that nobody writes home about. 2019 was a pretty mediocre year for games on Switch. The only 2 games I bought were Mario Maker and Pokemon SWSH, and both of those I have mixed feelings about. I feel like updates this year will help flesh out those 2 to the point where I’ll really like them (new game mode and content for mm2, and expansions for swsh).

      6. I think this comparison is pretty weird. Most of them are pretty mediocre mobile stuff and the good ones are usually ports of games already released on other platforms years ago. Switch is just getting them in a short time frame while other platforms got the same games across an entire generation, which inflates the number quite a bit for the Switch.
        If you count only games released at the same time on all platforms (and not years across between them and the Switch), the numbers will go down quite a bit. Still i’m only in for the exclusives (already own other platforms anyway).

      7. Seeing as most were ports that were available on previous consoles such as Xbox 360, and PS3 that’s not really something to brag and write about. But then again neither’s the Switch, Nintendo just like Sony products are a sad, but laughable farce.

        1. There’s so much clutter clogging up the store pages I need to use third party websites. For highlights of sales and new releases. They could really use some clutter control.

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