Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Collective teases upcoming Nintendo Switch announcement

Square Enix Collective, the indie division of Square Enix, has told fans that we should expect to see a Nintendo Switch announcement from them sometime this week. Square Enix Collective publishes games for and provides funding to indie developers with top-down racing title Circuit Superstars seeing a release sometime this year. Of course, we won’t know what’s up until they put out an official announcement so we will have to wait patiently for now.



    1. Ohh… must’ve missed that they primarily work with indie developers. Either way I really hope that Square will eventually bring the Nier games to Switch.


    2. This portion of Square has nothing to do with Square’s already released games on other platforms.
      These devs were solely created to develop smaller budgeted games independently outside of Square’s more expensive IPs, game like Octopath Traveler for example.
      If it is a game developed by this branch of Square it will be a more complete/release/move onto other project title that most likely will never get any dlc or any type of monetization model, they will release it and move onto their next project.


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