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IGN: Persona 5 S is almost a direct sequel to Persona 5 with more traditional gameplay outside of combat

Some of you were noticeably baffled when Persona 5 Scramble was announced for Nintendo Switch given that we haven’t received Persona 5 and it’s also a new musou game. However those of you who have played Persona 5 will find that Persona 5 Scramble is basically a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed PlayStation JRPG, that’s according to IGN. While on the outset it looks to be a stylish musuo game, there’s plenty of traditional Persona gameplay outside of the action-packed combat sections.

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  1. It’s basically Persona 5 two. It even had the 2 bumped off by the S and the story, characters and plot (from what I could translate with Google translator) is amazing

  2. I had no idea what Musou was.

    Turns out it’s dynasty warriors. I thought Scramble meant like weird puzzle game combat, I was horrified that they made the sequel some weird puzzle game spin off. Thank god that’s not true.

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