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The Wonderful 101 Remaster includes improved camera and better interface

Further details have emerged regarding the upcoming remaster of the cult Wii U classic, The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch. Of course, being a remaster, there will be some changes and they will come in the form of a much improved camera and a better on screen interface so newcomers feel more welcome. Here’s what Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya had to say:

“We did have an option to play on just a single screen on the original Wii U release where the second screen was displayed in the bottom right corner. But we want to take this opportunity in revisiting the gamge to adjust what’s going on in the UI. This was the largest game I had made at the time, so wewere still getting a feel for things back then. Looking back on it now, I feel like there are some aspects that are a little off-putting or unoptimized. For example, with the second in the corner, some of the UI got in the way or just hindered the experience. So even though players could use the single screen mode on Wii U, I feel like it was actually disadvantageous. We wanted to move things around, make things bigger or smaller and have a lot of different modes in the original, but we ended up not being able to make it happen.

But in addition to all of that, we’re looking at the smallest of details, too. Throughout The Wonderful 101, the camera moves around depending on what action is happening, such as a top-down camera or a behind-the-shoulder camera and so on – sometimes it’s even similar to a shooter with the player pressing a certain button to fire and whatnot. And I think there are some UI elements that aren’t as well optimized as we’d like them to be. Some players may have gotten confused during some gameplay mode changes where they didn’t know which button to press or what to do. These are the kinds of things we want to adjust to create a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for the player.”


11 thoughts on “The Wonderful 101 Remaster includes improved camera and better interface”

    1. But there will actually be at least one additional mode, a 2D scroller since the 1,5 mil stretch goal was reached. It will be expanded if 2 mil is collected.

  1. So they can’t remaster it themselves and need to beg and manipulate their audience to bring back an old excuse of a game, huh? From the company wanting to self-publish their own titles? What’s next, a Platinum console? Oh I’m sure that’d sell well, just like the OUYA… oh wait… >:3

    1. Nobody is forcing anyone to essentially buy, preorder the game. One may buy some additional stuff, totally optional too. Everybody takin part knows what they are getting and that Platinum makes sure it’s quality stuff so no risk here.

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