Nintendo will be attending Gamescom 2020

Gamescom 2020 doesn’t happen fo another 5 months, but there are already exhibitors signing up to attend. The official Gamescom Twitter has shared a list of the first gaming companies and studios that have decided to attend Gamescom 2020. One of the companies listed is Nintendo. Unfortunately, we have very little information on what Nintendo’s Gamescom 2020 lineup of games will be. Nevertheless, Nintendo will be attending. We’ve included the official Gamescom tweet for you down below.


  1. Omg this must mean they are releasing Mother 3 finally. And there will be a Smash reveal. Also Metroid Prime 4 and Paper Mario. And the reveal of the Switch Vitality Sensor which will be compatible with Pikmin 4.

    Also Golden Sun is coming back.

    No news on Advanced Wars, though :/

  2. OK, so let’s take this moment to see what Nintendo may (not) bring to the table at Gamescom.
    Hmm I guess the best way to make an educated guess is to assess what we have NOT been delivered in 2020.
    New system firmware. But no new themes, no folders, no offline backup, no eshop review, no refunds, no discount for Switch’s 3-year celebration, no exciting new game to look forward to in 2020 (that’s not a port), no hardware revision, in-game chatting still relies on a phone app, 32GB cartridges are still not a thing in 2020..

    With that said, what have they announced in 2020? More services that charge money.
    Do I expect Nintendo to touch on ANY one of those topics I mentioned above? No, I don’t.
    Also, remember when Nintendo used to show off that sweet picture pointing out the developers on board of the Switch ship? Wonder why they don’t do that anymore? Because most of those devs already released a port on the platform, and they were testing the water. Those who are happy with the sales decided to stay, those who aren’t jumped ship and all other developers didn’t bother, they are still making games for the ps5 or XBSX.

    I guess the only question that remains is this: how relevant will the Switch be after ps5 and XBSX have been released?
    Nintendo better take the time they still have and make the best out of it: bring more games, and people will follow, and the cash rolls in. After the Switch’s time is up, so will the momentum and all the attention will be on Sony and Microsoft again.

    1. So wait… Nintendo’s competitors right now have consoles that are more powerful than the Switch. The next consoles will be… also more powerful than the Switch?

      What changes here exactly?

      1. Multiplatform games are going to take advantage of the increase in power in a way that makes the games incompatible with the Switch.
        Devs are already having a hard time bringing Ps4 and Xbox One games over to the Switch.
        When development leaps over to the new generation, Switch is going to be left behind unless developers choose to make an entirely seperate, Switch-tailored version of the game, which isn’t easy and also would cost a lot.

        Now the Switch’s appeal isn’t solely based on having AAA multiplatform games, but to have less of them still would be a blow to the brand, objectively. How much of a blow, it’s hard to say.

      2. @comfortfoodgames, just like Timmeyto Soup said, and you’re probably going to hate me for saying this but..
        Out of all the garbage EA has put out about porting their games on the Switch, one major reason stands out, and that’s how weak Nintendo’s online network infrastructure really is, which determines how many people you can play a game online with – and as a Switch gamer, you know that better than anyone else: it’s poor. Especially in 2020.
        But let’s just leave that to the side and pretend it isn’t an issue. A friend of mine once said “just you wait, GTA V will surprise everyone on the Switch because it was released for the PS3 and X360.”
        Look, the PS3 did have a RISC processor. But this is the ONLY thing it had in common with the Switch, as the latter:
        * Requires a serious compressing process, if Rockstar ever thought about releasing a physical copy of the game (16GB);
        * The PS3 is always-plugged to the wall-let and has just one resolution, but the Switch has 1080p and 720p; And Rockstar would have to tweak the performance of the game to go well with the battery, in order to deliver a 3-hour(ish) of gameplay;
        Those issues, to name just a few a softwarehouse will inevitably go through if they want to port their games on the Switch, go to show you how hard it is – oh and I almost forgot, they gotta hire a software engineer to ‘convert’ the game’s engine to run properly on the hybrid system, which will cost them some serious money – to make a Switch port.
        But those companies saw success outside of a Nintendo platform. Not only that, but porting their ps4/xb1 games to a PC won’t cost them as much as it does on the Switch because consoles are literally like a PC anyway and they may make just as much money (or even more) remaining outside of Nintendo.
        We may not see anything on the Nintendo radar, but that tells me those companies have been cooking something for the other platforms, which will become more evident once the ps5 and XBSX are out.
        And finally, as I said before, 2020 might be a year of ports-only for the system, which is fine by me. But one might ask “what comes next after the ports have been released?”

        The answer, because of the HUGE technological gap between next-gen consoles and the Switch by then, might be “nothing”, which is unfortunate.

        -I’m really sorry for the long post, I did try to sum it up as much as I could.

      3. @everyone

        That’s based on the assumption that people will buy the new consoles en masse. I’m telling ya… We’ve hit that point of diminished returns when it comes to graphical power. It’s costing too much for the devs and the costumers and it’s only producing forgettable games most of the time. The tone of the industry is going to have to shift and the Switch seems to be carrying a lot of that. But yeah… Money is money. You can’t ignore the huge install base of the Switch and once they start seeing a decline in their own products and business models because of gamer fatigue… Well, again I feel like we’ve approached that threshold.

        I will give you this… Nintendo’s online is bad compared to it’s competitors.

  3. Well they better have more to show by then- Animal Crossing New Horizons is 2 weeks away, and the only other games by Nintendo that we know about are BotW 2 and Metroid Prime 4, neither of which we know ANYTHING about. No features, no release dates, in one case not even a screenshot, nothing. And I don’t believe either of them will be available by the end of the year, meaning that if this is somehow all Nintendo has in the pipeline, we’re looking at a drought longer than anything we saw with the Wii U. Even with the stronger third-party support the Switch has seen compared to its predecessor, Nintendo can’t rely on that alone.

    1. Am I the only person that see’s things a little differently?

      Don’t get me wrong, I see where everyone is going with the power difference between the Switch and the future PS5 and XBSX, but, people like me can see a huge change in the appeal of gaming again.

      The PS4 era taught us that devs that are looking to satisfy the graphic savages, more often than not always coming up short in delivering an actual great game. Not only do these games fail to deliver (in my opinion before someone attacks :)) but they take far too long to deliver, full of bugs and glitches, too many tweaks to a game that should already be finished and then we wont even mention the micro transaction side of things.

      To name a few:

      Modern Warfare
      EA – In general (“,)

      A lot of people are simply moving away from the games that try to look like a movie but fail to deliver on simply being ‘a game’ by having issues mentioned above.

      The PS4’s launch was appalling and in my opinion did not live up to the PS3’s greatness, so I dread to think what the PS5 is going to be like. All because devs are rushing to deliver a game in time, with all the graphical expectations and ‘small’ enough to fit on 1TB hard drive.

      To sum it up, devs would be foolish to abandon the switch due to graphic comparisons, if they did that then i’d expect another gaming crash like the 80’s, they’ve lost that delicate balance and the scales are tipping…

      I, and my gaming family, will most definitely not be purchasing the PS5 or XBSX at launch (bought every console since the gamecube at launch) until I feel comfortable enough to buy them.

      Apologies for the rant,


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