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South Korea: Coronavirus apparently boosting Nintendo Switch sales


The coronavirus epidemic sadly shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon worldwide, but in South Korea it has helped boost video game console sales according to a new report. As people are opting to stay inside, sales of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 have been given a boost. It’s safe to assume that Ring Fit Adventure sales have probably have been given a boost too as people forgo the gym to exercise indoors.

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5 thoughts on “South Korea: Coronavirus apparently boosting Nintendo Switch sales”

  1. I’m not going to the gym nowadays myself. Ring Fit has been used a lot more now that I skip gym.
    Hope that they can contain that virus. Feeling sorry for them.

  2. Things are getting worse but making sure we’re safe is important and why not keep ourselves entertained indoors with some games. I’m sure digital sales will see a notable boost, too.

    Personally, I will miss the gym too so will have to look around for a copy of Ring Fit!

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