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Coronavirus could cause Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC delay


Super Smash Bros Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai has taken to his Famitsu column to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and its potential impact on game development. Mr. Sakurai acknowledges that the coronavirus could cause a delay in the development of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate downloadable content. Though at the moment it remains unaffected.

15 thoughts on “Coronavirus could cause Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC delay”

    1. Exactly. Any comment that’s complaining about this is…. Well… Let’s just say they have my sympathy because I know hospitals currently have worse problems to deal with rather than help someone remove their head from their own arse.

    2. Sakuari is the only one I see actually working and be sure each Smash Sequel goes on each console and took the time to put it on 3DS.

      Luigi’s Mansion
      Gamecube skipped Wii, Skipped Wii U , 3Ds. sMH.

      N64, Gamecube, Wii. WII u, Switch.

      Metroid was on Gamecube skipped Wii U.
      What they doing ? Nothing.

      Animal Crossing
      Gamecube, skipped Wii, Skipped Wii U coming to Switch.

      Let’s see? Super Mario Strikers
      Gamecube….. that’s it

      Gamecube, skipped Wii went to Wii U no evidence if it is coming to Switch.

      Sakuari I respect you for your hard work. Unlike other devlopers who take 8 years to make a new game.

      1. True, but this is NOT how I would’ve liked for him to get some downtime. It’s hard to enjoy time away from work when a pandemic is the reason why- a pandemic that has no definitive end in sight.

          1. I know I’ll be- my state is mandating all dine-in eating establishments closed for two weeks, and unfortunately, I work at one during this. So it looks like a lot of my time will go to gaming just to keep from going nuts from cabin fever.

            *12 days later*

            …My grasp on sanity remains… absolute. Isn’t that right, Captain Falcon? *turns to look at Captain Falcon amiibo*

            1. Man sorry to hear that.. Hope it doesn’t affect your lifestyle to much. The positive is that you do get to game more. Just um… try to cycle out the amiibos because um.. yeah. (😋)

              So far my place of work hasnt shut down and I deal with customers which worries me a little but you can surely bet that if they tell me to go home 2 weeks I’ll make the most of it and game like I haven’t since I was a teen lol.

          2. Just so you know, this news isn’t officially out yet, and not all of the column leaked, so we don’t have the full info yet.

            1. It isn’t excuses for him, he actually does work for Nintendo.

              The excuses are the gaps of sequels years ago before the virus.
              Example? Why didnt they make Super Mario Strikers sequel? Why didnt they make Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii U? Why is the gap of years from Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3? Why is the gap of years of DK returns and Tropical Freeze further apart compared to DK 1, 2 and 3?

              So what are they doing ? What actual work are they doing? Nothing.

              How I know? Easy how many years apart are Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Luigi’s Mansion 3 compared to Smash Bros U and Smash bros Ultimate?

              Why is this man the only Nintendo developers that actually deserves rest? Because he is actually doing work…. unlike lazy Miyomoto.
              Why is Pikmin 3 and 4 nearly 10 years apart?

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