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Nintendo Switch Wish List feature added to eShop website


Nintendo Europe has announced this afternoon that you can now access, manage and add games to your Nintendo Switch Wish List via the Nintendo eShop website. This newly added functionality to the official site will make it easier for you to keep track of the games you want to purchase next.


  1. Yay! It only took ’em like what? 3 years? Now I no longer have to get on the Switch and remember which games I wanted to add to my wish list, instead of comfortably doing it online. Very cool Nintendo! Better late than never I suppose!
    Seriously though, why did this stupid feature took so damn long???

    1. nintendo has like 1/4 of a web developer who has to do everytithing on his/her own. app development, website, nintendo bonus programs, nintendo online stuff… all is done by that quarter of a working force. considering this, they‘re DAMN FAST

  2. Would be cool if they allowed you to do a lot of these little things and buy eshop games from the Switch Online app, they might as well get some more use out of it.

  3. They’re acting like EVERYONE’S getting the wishlist feature on the Nintendo website, but in reality it’s just for the UK.
    I feel so baited.

  4. Priorities man, priorities.

    So what you’re connected to a online service that feels like something outta bizzaro land 97′.

    You now no longer have to remember what games you potentially want to buy.

    Eventually this whole “we’re different because” is going to wear off. I don’t see how Nintendo plans to stay in any realm of compitition after the new consoles come around.

    1. “I don’t see how Nintendo plans to stay in any realm of compitition after the new consoles come around.”

      They’re both the only handheld on the market, and the only dedicated gaming system that targets kids. They’ll do fine.

  5. I thought this was available already.

    I remember whenever a game game goes on sale i receive an email that reads “Hey Kaf, a game on your wishlist is now on sale”.

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