Nintendo has filed a Switch Lite patent

switch_lite_patent2Nintendo has filed a patent for its Nintendo Switch Lite design with the Japan Patent Office. The listing explains simply that it is “an electronic computer capable of playing a game” along with the names of the two creators of the filing, Yui Ehara and Junichiro Miyatake.

The handheld-only console released back in September of last year, so it’s interesting to see the patent only being filed now. Still, Nintendo is known for vigorously protecting its designs and securing a patent like this is vital.



  1. From above “an electronic computer capable of playing a game”

    What can play a game and is electronis and considered a computer?

    – All Computers
    – All Consoles
    – All Handhelds
    – All Phones
    – All Tablets

    Basically, everything. Don’t get me wrong, love Nintendo, but this is just ridiculous

    Do i miss something?

    1. Yes, “A electronic computer capable of playing games” is the category of electronics the device is being filed under. They are merely patented the specific physical designed, not the ability to play games in general.

    2. Yes. You’re confusing “the listing explains that” with “the filing in its total is only”. That’s just the publicly available information on the patent. The patent office has the whole thing.

  2. The patent being filed late isn’t a big deal, as your ownership of the design isn’t defined by the patent, merely protected by the patent. If you can prove you invented the design and someone stole it, something that should be pretty obvious if someone launched a knockoff switch lite yesterday, they can still defend their property regardless of the date of the patent filing.

    To put it in a really obvious way, if Coca-Cola by some fluke never actually trademarked the name “Coca-Cola”, that doesn’t mean you can invent your own soda and start selling it as Coca-Cola. You would be sued exactly the same way, and definitely lose, as the name Coca-Cola is already universally associated worldwide with a single product.

    Your patent isn’t your ownership of the thing. Its proof of your ownership of the thing.

  3. Big deal. How long are we going to have to wait to get some new sequels to the Switch? Jeepers Creepers the only developer work is the producer of Smash bros.

    If the Switch has an 8 year life cycle and if Nintendo was working on Sequels immediately they could get about 3 Sequels off one generation console maybe even 4. How I know because the gap of years from Mario Galaxy 2 and Pikmin 2 arent that far.

    But for some dumb reason after they complete a game they dont do nothing before or after the coronavirus.

    1. What you know that they’re working on, and what they’re working on, aren’t the same thing. An 8 year lifecycle means they’re shooting for 16 big AAA titles, one to carry the holiday season, and one to carry the middle of the year. They need to carefully martial out those titles if they want an 8 year lifecycle, because running out of relevant AAA console sellers to fill out the year will kill it prematurely.

      1. I doubt running out will kill anything prematurely. Take Rarware for example
        On SENS they made DK1, 2 and 3
        On N64 they made Star fox 64, Banjo-Kazooie Dirty Kong racing, DK 64, Banjo-Tooie Conker’s bad fur day, 007 and many more.
        GameCube Because rates are immediately worked on Star fox adventures it debuted in time. Though immediately working on Threeie didn’t have such luck,

        If it would had killed the AAA by by selling the, to close together then It was stupid of Nintendo to let Rare go to Microsft when they were making games Nintendo couldn’t get out in time and great knockoffs with Mario games with killing Mario games

        Every since Rare left droughts on Nintendo consoles occurred. Before it we had no droughts in AAA. Because what Nintendo was working on Rare completed and debuted. And what Rare was working on Nintendo completed and debuted. They should had thought of that before letting rare go to Microsoft. That was stupid.

      2. What exactly has Retro studios did with DK since 2014 of Tropical Freeze?Nothing. Had it been Rare it would had been 4 DK games since then.

  4. Take too long to make Sequels. And who ever is the devloper of DK games since rare left for microsft those Monkeys, Apes and gorillas, ain’t getting no new sequels. Had it been Rare Switch would had had a new To game and Switch would had been o Metro is prime 6 by now.

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