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Japan: Animal Crossing New Horizons has sold 90% of its initial stock

Dengeki Online has new information about Animal Crossing New Horizons sales figures in Japan. Dengeki says that the game has sold 1,831,859 copies in Japan for its first week of availability. This is 90% of the game’s initial stock. To compare, Animal Crossing New Leaf sold only 558,000 in its first week in Japan, and went on to sell 4,000,000 in its lifespan. What is even more impressive is that Animal Crossing New Horizons sold more in its first week than Pokemon Sword and Shield did in the same time period. Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 1,500,000 copies in its first week in Japan.


15 thoughts on “Japan: Animal Crossing New Horizons has sold 90% of its initial stock”

  1. Just please for the love of all that is holy! PLEASE! PLEASE MAKE THE ONLINE PLAY MORE EFFICIENT AND QUICK! It’s such a grueling process to host multiple people…
    Having to wait in all the loading times for every little thing plus watching all the unnecessary cut scenes is overtly tedious…

    1. It’s Nintendo, what did you expect. I also hate that if you buy stuff you can’t just type the number of items you want. If you wanna buy alot you have to go through the whole process like 10 times.

  2. I pre-ordered. I bought. I brought home. I let my partner play first. I found out Islander #2 and up can’t progress the game or do anything useful. I then proceeded not to touch the game again and it now sits there collecting dust on the off chance my partner decides to play.

    Disappointing experience. 3/10.

    1. Animal crossing isn’t best played in multiplayer, just saying it’s more of a singleplayer type game, with multiplayer being a gimmick, it’s like playing mario while player 2 plays cappy in odyssesy.

      1. I agree. But the problem with that is it’s one island per switch. Meaning I can never play by myself. Unless of course, I buy another switch.

        1. That’s true but all the past titles are praticaly like that except the gamecube which let you get your town if you had a extra memory card, maybe they’ll fix it in their next installment.

      2. “Past titles weren’t on shared systems”

        I have sympathy for your problem, but this is kind of an imaginary distinction. There’s no reason the switch is a “shared system” and a 3ds isn’t. Its just however you decide to use them.

        Honestly, your best bet if your other doesn’t really want to play is to nuke the save data and create a new island.

    2. Didn’t you read all the articles and things warning you that would happen? Catch the nintendo direct where they explained all that in great detail? They specifically said in the press that only the first player would have proper control, and subsequent players would have a more limited access.

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