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Netflix announces Castlevania animated series season four


Netflix confirmed last night that they have renewed the excellent Castlevania animated series on the streaming platform for a fourth season. A release window hasn’t been announced for the fourth season but if you’ve yet to catch up on the animated series there are currently 22 episodes available on Netflix.

10 thoughts on “Netflix announces Castlevania animated series season four”

    1. because they’re actually concerned with taking the proper amount of time to tell their story, instead of filling up airspace

      1. Just because a show may have lots of episodes does not mean they just “fill up airspace”. Many shows have some well written dialogue that help to flesh out the characters and build the world. I havent watched Castlevania so I’ll refrain from commenting on the quality.

    2. Clearly the show’s off in a direction I didn’t really want out of it.
      Season one’s four episodes were brisk and hard focused on the main character’s journey.
      Fast forward to now and Trevor Fucking Belmont struggles to exist in season three’s ten episode run time.

    3. I just finish season three yesterday. Not entirely my cup of tea. Only watched it because it’s based of a videogame series (which again is loosely based on a novel and a real life characters). It is actually pretty decently written though. The animation does the job.

    4. Good. from a story perspective it was obvious that it’d get a season 4, but its always hard to tell with Netflix.

    5. I’m kind of hoping Season 4 wraps up their story with the Dracula’s Curse/Curse of Darkness gang and they can move on to adapting other Castlevania stories like Simon or Richter or Shanoa or something. Even adapting Aria of Sorrow with Soma would be sweet.

      I enjoy Trevor and his lot, but it feels like their story is beginning drag after 3 seasons. Time to wrap their story up and move on.

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