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Nintendo asks players not to use alcohol to clean their Joy-Con

Nintendo’s customer service in Japan has had to advise Nintendo Switch owners not to use alcohol to clean their Joy-Con. Their translated social media post reads:

“Recently, customers have been asking whether they can disinfect their Nintendo Switch consoles and Joy-Cons with alcohol. We are very sorry, but please avoid using alcohol as plastic parts may fade or deform.”

It’s understandable that due to the current global situation folk would want their electronics to be clean, but Nintendo has advised “for cleaning purposes, please use a soft dry cloth,”.

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12 thoughts on “Nintendo asks players not to use alcohol to clean their Joy-Con”

    1. you aren’t meant to use alcohol to clean certain things, just use a damp warm towel and a bit of soap. you only need alcohol to clean the gold contacts on electronics and cleaning the thermal paste on a CPU. also its not a crappy excuse, a crappy excuse would be something like you shouldn’t clean your controllers at all or it will deform. try using acid to clean a PS4 and see if a properly made device would deform because it shouldn’t.

    2. Ok, so let’s try something. Find a controller you consider to be high quality. Unscrew and remove the electronic components from the shell. Submerge the shell in rubbing alcohol. Wanna try it?

      1. Honestly, I kinda doubt my favorite controller would even change. GameCube controllers are just rough and sturdy.

    3. You are an idiot! There’s many types of plastics and some react with alcohol. Same goes for pigments. The neon pigments probably react with alcohol, that has NOTHING TO DO WITH QUALITY YOU MORON!!!

  1. Well, since their repair center are close until they decided to open it again, the only thing to keep our controllers for not getting break by drifting is a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers update. The last updated Joy-Cons update was January 2019. When are they gonna start doing that again? I’m waiting for them do it again for the next update for our controllers.

      1. I know it is, but They should start doing that soon while the outbreak is still active worldwide. I know there is only a software update that could do but, Joy-Con updates are still needed and improvement for control issues.

  2. Once in a while when the controls and cellphone get greasy, for me has been fine since ever, though I guess theyre thinking about obsessively doing it because, you know.
    Plus, if there is no liquid alcohol, people may use gel, which is not the same.

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