VGC rumour: Resident Evil 4 remake in development

According to online publication VGC, a Resident Evil 4 remake is in the works. Their sources indicate that the remake could release in 2022. Oaska-based M-Two, the new studio founded by former PlatinumGames head Tatsuya Minami, is reportedly behind the game with Capcom’s internal and external development teams offering their services too.



  1. Please let this happen. That would be fantastic! I do love all the RE games. (Even 5 and 6) 5/6 are great Action Games with RE Flair thrown in. Their co-op system is pretty good too with local play.

    After playing those, I do wish 4 had that type of Co-op play. But I have a feeling that if it’s going to be remade it will be in the styles of REmakes of 2/3.

    Now I really wanna see 0,1, CVx in the style of 2/3.

      1. As of today you can buy RE remake, 0, 4, 5, 6, Revelations 1 and 2 on Switch. As far as 2 and 3 remake are concerned there is absolutely no way those games can run properly on the switch. Just look at the japanese stream version of 7 on the switch to attest to that.
        Capcom’s switch support has honestly come with a lot of unnecessary caveats and I wish they would do more with it, but there are plenty of Resident Evil games on the switch (albeit overpriced)

    1. No it doesn’t. RE1 through RE3 needed it because of the outdated visuals and the tank controls. Now Capcom’s looking to milk it. All we’ll get is a prettier version but with locations stripped out of it.

  2. Please no. This is one of those few games that are actually as close to perfect as something can be.
    RE4 is in absolutely no need of a remake, give that opportunity to 0 or Code Veronica.

  3. This is my favourite game of all time and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it at all. I suspect they would change aspects of it quite a bit probably around the controls but this would fundamentally alter the game and I don’t like that. The fact is though that unless there is a new significantly more powerful Switch, or other console, going to release in 2 years (which I doubt) then it has no chance coming to a Nintendo platform.

  4. With the others, they are changing massive fundamentals about the core gameplay. 4 would mostly just be a graphical overhaul. Not a good use of resources.

  5. I’m so up for this. But I doubt it’ll be as amazing as when it first released exclusively on the GameCube. It’s always been a fantastic game. Part of me wants it (and il get it) but also part of me wants them to leave it alone

    1. I imagine a lot of it boils down to “More people will buy a game that Says 4 than Veronica no matter what we actually do for the remake”

  6. I JUST played the entire game for the first time only three months ago on my Switch. So, a remake now would come at the worst time for me.

    I wouldn’t be new to the game, so the remake is not as exciting, and a long enough time span has not passed by for me to have nostalgia for it. :/

  7. Anything, all out for resident evil game. I’m a big fan of it. I need to play it! I’ll buy switch soon so i could play my resident evil game.

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