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New Ninjala details emerge

More details regarding the free to play Nintendo Switch multiplayer title Ninjala have emerged via the upcoming issue of CoroCoro Comic in Japan. There’s a number of modes for players to participate in including an 8-player Battle Royale mode as well as 4-vs-4 Team Battles. As you would expect your character can also be customised. Some gear will presumably be free, while others will be tied to micro transactions. Here’s more details on the Inflated Gums which can change into weapons or Ninjutsu:

  • Gum Craft: Change a Gum to a weapon. There are 12 different weapons from 3 types
  • Gum Shoot: Throw the Gum like a shuriken, stopping an opponent’s movements
  • Gum Dash: Inject the Gum to do an aerial dash

“You can also get IPPON Points by making an enemy covered with gums by using Gum Shoot and then blowing it away with a weapon. The one who gets the most points will receive more bonus points.”


7 thoughts on “New Ninjala details emerge”

  1. Idk what it is exactly, but this whole idea seems old, played out and frankly too little too late. It literally looks (to me) like someone said, “how close can we get to Splatoon without it being Splatoon”.

    And honestly why the hell can’t Nintendo just get a regular damn online FPS game with some balls…

    Warface was fun, until it stopped working.

    1. The games a free to play melee and movement base splatoon, it isnt an FPS because it isnt meant to be one.

      Also “FPS game with some balls…” What does this mean?

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