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The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 10.0.0

Nintendo has decided to release a brand new update for the Switch‘s firmware. This brings the firmware to version 10.0.0. This update adds a bookmark feature to the console’s news section, the option to remap controller buttons, the ability to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card, and some new profile icons. Nintendo has released the official patch notes for the update, so we’ve included them for you in full down below.

Added a bookmark feature to News.
This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite news items.

  • A maximum of 300 news items can be bookmarked.
  • An internet connection is required to view bookmarked News items.
  • News items that are no longer available cannot be viewed, even if they were bookmarked.

Added an option to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card.

  • Users can now transfer downlopadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card (and vice versa).
  • Note that save data and some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card.

Added an option to remap the controller buttons.

  • Analog stick and button configurations can now be changed for each paired controller.
  • Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors.
    • Custom configurations are stored on the Nintendo Switch system.
    • Configurations can be customized for the following controllers: Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Button configurations can also be customized on the Nintendo Switch Lite system.
    • This feature is not available for other controllers.
    • On each system, up to five favorite custom configurations can be saved for Joy-Con (L), five for Joy-Con (R), five for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Five configurations can also be saved as favorites for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Added a new section in User Settings for Play Activity Settings.

  • The options for “Display play activity to:” and “Delete Play Activity” have been moved from Friends Settings to the new Play Activity Settings.

Added new selections to the lineup of user profile icons.

  • Select from 6 new icons from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for your user.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


21 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 10.0.0”

  1. Stilllllllll no foldeeeeeers or backgrounds dammit!!
    But the controller configurations and moving DLC data is nice enough.

  2. Moving software data between the console and the memory card! How about that. Only in Nintendo Land is that a big news item. How it wasn’t a day one option is, well it is very Nintendo. Cool button mapping option, I like, but again, how wasn’t that a day one thing.

  3. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    The news favorite thing is probably the dumbest feature they’ve added, and they did it over themes or even adding more quality to life features such as more games you could invite people in

  4. I thought the data movement thing was already a feature. I felt stupid cause I couldn’t figure out how to do it. ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

  5. You can now move update data and DLC to the SD Card? This is going to make data-mining a lot easier.

  6. Eight minutes.
    That’s it, Nintendo. Give me eight minutes and I can write a code that makes folders accessible and manageable.
    And how come there aren’t any themes – other than the white and black ones, that is – on this system? How long is it going to take, it’s the tenth system FW update FFS! Don’t anybody at Nintendo know CSS or XML?
    Let me tell you a nice firmware update feature that makes sense, but Nintendo will never implement it: User-defined System performance. We all agree Nintendo is just like the GPD-Win, but opposite to the GPD-Win, our Switch/Switch Lite’s performance is always toggled to 100%, so that the system can deliver, even for the most-demanding games.
    ….But what if I just want to play The Escapists 2? What if the game I play the most this time doesn’t demand ALL OF my Tegra’s cores to be at 100%? Just let me pick MEDIUM-Performance in order for my system to deliver a longer battery life when launching the game. “OH, but that game can’t run on such low specs” – Fine, then don’t enable that feature when launching the game. But we could use the option. Anything goes when it comes to a longer battery life.
    And, we keep talking about the one killer System Update feature, but ultimately the BIG update we have been waiting for is not even on our end, it’s on Nintendo’s; More specifically, the eShop. Dude, what a load of GARBAGE one can run into when looking for a decent game. Seriously, the eshop is becoming the next Google Play Store because eShop’s policy just SUCKS! Can’t your game make it to the top? No problem! Just sell it for .99 cents and with a little boost it will be up there in no time. WHAT-THE-FUCK? I play Action/RPG games, and the eShop shoves in my face a fishing game, can’t the store suggests more games LIKE THE ONE I play the most? Nintendo has that information, but not the balls to implement it so that the eShop could look like a decent storefront. Get the games this user plays the most, then associate with the genre and cross that information with OTHER SIMILAR GAMES this user doesn’t have that other users have played the most. Then let’s suggest those similar games on the main store tab. Pronto!

    1. But you do get longer battery life for stuff that’s less demanding like the Escapists. That’s why the duration is listed as 2.5 to 6.5 hours because it depends on the game. Don’t understand your tone though, why are you ranting about it?

      1. I’ve been ranting about eShop for quite some time and made that stupid comment, comparing it to the Google Play Store. I mean, it *could* look like it or work in similar ways – except it doesn’t, because the Play Store allows Game reviews and refunds. I guess this frustration of mine comes from the fact Nintendo believes their market doesn’t have to follow the way like Sony and Microsoft operate. And it’s not like they’re going to change anytime soon. I don’t agree with the fact that pretty much everyone has to purchase a game “in the dark”, in case such game has no demo or reviews to watch elsewhere. I mean, we do have our rights, and demanding a refund for something we regret purchasing is one of them! So how come a Japanese company comes out of nowhere, operates in the US and pretends those rights are non-existent to their AMERICAN Users?
        Oh damn it, I’m ranting again. I wished the Smach Z project wasn’t a scam before the Switch was a thing. That way I would never, ever have purchased a Switch Lite. But here I am. I apologize.

  7. I’ve had FAST RMX and Snipperclips on the system memory since launch day because I didn’t have an SD card at the time so great to finally be able to move them over.

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