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Famitsu / Dengeki Game Awards 2019: Pokemon Sword & Shield win Game of the Year

The Famitsu / Dengeki Game Awards 2019 have been taking place today in Japan and the latest Pokemon adventure for the Nintendo Switch has scooped the award for Game of the Year. Pokemon Sword & Shield has beaten titles such as Persona 5 Royal, Death Stranding and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Here’s the full list of winners at this year’s event:

  • Best Rookie Award: Death Stranding
  • Best Indie Award: Gnosia
  • Best Shooter Award: Apex Legends
  • Best eSports Award: Fortnite
  • Best Online Game Award: Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers 
  • Best Streamer Award: Junichi Kato
  • Best RPG Award: Pokémon Sword & Shield 
  • Best Action Award: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • Best Action Adventure Award: Death Stranding
  • Best Adventure Award: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
  • Best Creator in China: Hideo Kojima
  • Best Game in China: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • Best Character Award: Sam Porter Bridges (Death Stranding)
  • Best Music Award: Persona 5 Royal
  • Best Scenario Award: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
  • Best Graphics Award: Death Stranding
  • Special Award: Dragon Quest Walk / Ring Fit Adventure
  • Most Valuable Creator: Hideo Kojima
  • Game of the Year: Pokémon Sword & Shield


38 thoughts on “Famitsu / Dengeki Game Awards 2019: Pokemon Sword & Shield win Game of the Year”

  1. It’s the only one I’ve played so I agree! Despite the controversy I enjoyed it and it’s the first Pokédex I’ve completed since Blue.

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  3. My 5 year old has been progressing through my copy of Shield quite nicely, due in no small part to the forced xp share and the game asking literally nothing of you to get through “dungeons” unlike the classic games. Great for him. He breaths Pokemon. That he has gotten half the badges without any help at all makes him extremely happy. Still, I’m not sure the fact that someone who can’t consistently tell what move he’s picking can win is necessarily a good indicator for the “game” of the year.

  4. I thought Sw/Sh winning GotY was the worst thing about this, but then I saw two awards for “Best ‘…’ in Chi-Nah.” I get it, though. They need something good in their country this year since communism is failing (why ya think they are practicing capitalism), their government sucks donkey balls, their leader looks like Winnie the Pooh, and they can’t do anything right except keep a viral outbreak from being seen as the threat it was til it was too late to stop it from leaving their crap country & then blame someone else for their massive fuck-up. I hope I see the downfall of the CPC & the so called People’s Republic of China in my life time. It will be… *waits for it* GLORIOUS!!!

      1. ….. Except literally none of it? The U.S. was reporting what it was because that was the information that was available….. because China lied. Literally every major source at the time was working only off of Chinese offered information.

  5. While I do think there where certain aspects people blew out of proportion from these games, they where also by far the worse Pokemon games ever released. They clearly ran out of development time and rushed it out of the door. Half way through Hop’s depression is where you can tell the game just starts to fall apart. Before then the worse part of the game where just how bad the overworld trees looked. Now I don’t think this is the complete end of Pokemon and they’ll never make a good game ever again, like again, some people are acting like it is, but it’s defiantly shouldn’t be getting awarded with anything.

    1. The trouble is that the suits have now seen that rushing out an incomplete product will in no way damage overall sales. How does a Dev team ask for more time?

    1. I have no idea why either, but someone ought to make a blacklist of all these “game of the year” sites and places that praise pokemon…I don’t trust any of them. Hopefully mynintendonews isn’t another one, though sadly I think it probably is.

  6. Sword and Shield won GOTY? What a joke! That’s like giving the award away to a COD or Assassin’s Creed game.

    Resident Evil 2 gets robbed again.

  7. There’s only one title that truly wins “game of the year” in 2019, and that’s Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (despite all the imposed grinding in Grand Prixs in 2019).

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  9. That’s great. Maybe people dont agree with it. But I look at it from this perspective, this is Game Freak’s first Pokemon on a home console. That’s incredible!!!! Maybe this award will motivate them to make the next Pokemon even better. I hope more Nintendo exclusives continue.

    Congratulations to Game Freak.

    Now Game Freak on the next Pokemon get rid of the standard EXP Share.

    1. “Maybe this award will motivate them to make the next Pokemon even better.”

      Why would a lesser product being hailed as perfect as it is motivate them to do better? It would do the opposite wouldn’t it? If a given amount of effort gets game of the year, why would you delay the release to improve things?

      1. And yet I didnt buy Pokemon like 3 million people did. Why would 3 million people buy it when majority was disappointed about how easy it is and the copied the animations right from Sun and Moon. Let alone knew that every Pokemon isnt available and still bought the game at $60 bucks. Where is the protest? Sun and Moon and X and Y had every Pokemon in their generation and didnt have standard EXP Share.

        That’s why I didn’t buy the game. 🤣. Pokemon Coliseum was more the most difficult Pokemon game a ever played and was worth the $60 at the time.

  10. I should have said this initially, but even though Death stranding is an overglorified Amazon delivery service game, I would have given that GotY quicker than Sw/Sh! The music is nice & the story is interesting enough. The message about unity might come off as a little woke to some but it’s not felt like a smash to the face to me… yet. Hopefully it doesn’t start beating me over the head at some later point when I’ve gotten more absorbed into the story.

  11. Pokemon Sword and Shield? Really? Have their standards dropped that low? How did Fire Emblem: Three Houses not win ANYTHING? I got the sixth badge in Shield and have felt *no* motivation to continue because everything feels so shallow- has since about the fourth gym, and that’s when I *really* started noticing problems. The only thing I’ve consistently liked is that bomb-ass Gym Leader battle theme. The upcoming DLC does not have my attention either.

    1. They can take that DLC & shove it. Since we can now give nicknames to traded Pokemon provided they aren’t named by the original owner, I’m just gonna trade for any Pokemon I can’t get in Sword, both the ones from Shield & the DLC. I can also now stop buying both games thanks to that. Now I can also go back & name all of the Pokemon I got through Mystery Gift that I couldn’t name before. Like Mew, Jirachi, & the like.

  12. I don’t know what it meant but serebii had the list of the Galar Pokedex. A second list was titled “Pokémon in Galar the Expansion Pass” and Zorua & Zoroark were in there. I hope it didn’t mean that the new Pokemon being added will only be available if you buy the appropriate expansion pass for whichever version you bought. That’s gonna really, really piss me right the fuck off if they lock the new Pokemon behind that paywall.

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