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New checkout bot allows resellers to buy Nintendo Switch consoles in bulk

Purchasing a Nintendo Switch console is pretty challenging at the moment with stock worldwide being scarce with many seeking to buy the hybrid console to help keep them and their families entertained during the pandemic. has recently reported that a new ‘checkout bot’ – a tool that is used to automatically buy a product – has been developed to scan websites in North America for Switch console stock availability. The bot also completes the checkout process automatically and some resellers are managing to get their hands on multiple consoles per transaction.

You can read the full report here.

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19 thoughts on “New checkout bot allows resellers to buy Nintendo Switch consoles in bulk”

      1. “It actually is in most states especially in states of emergencies.”

        For items relevant to that emergency. You’d be hard pressed to get anything stick on video game hoarding.

    1. Would you mind giving the specific phrasing of the law you wish that existed? Which part of the scalping process specifically should be illegal?

      Buying a product in a consensual transaction in quantities the seller allows?

      Selling the product at current market value?

      I struggle to see how you write a law that punishes “scalping” in such a broad and sweeping way as you stated that wouldn’t be a spectacular overreach that punishes normal people. I bought Pikmin 3 for Wii U new when it came out in spite of not being a big fan of the series mostly because…..well…. I did have this Wii U sitting around. When the game did poorly, Nintendo stopped printing them and the used price of the game spiked. I sold it because frankly in terms of my own enjoyment, I overpaid at $60. Does that make me a scalper, and if not, how do you define your law so that I don’t qualify by mistake?

      The issue in this case isn’t really the scalpers. Its the sales mechanism allowing block purchases which presumably is unintended in the system. As for the huge market on reselling them, that is unavoidable. The current market value of a new switch is above MSRP. MSRP is not a magical promise that the value of that item will always match that price. Whenever the true value of an item is well below MSRP, secondary market price plummets and you will struggle to find anyone willing to buy from you at a reasonable price, like….. say….. Kingdom Hearts 3 a month after release. When the true value of an item is well above MSRP, as it is right now, the reverse is true. You’ll be hard pressed to get a Switch at a normal price because its value is not normal. There really isn’t a law you can pass that will “fix” that “problem” without a totalitarian dictatorship that dictates the prices everyone can trade at regardless of the item’s worth.

      1. The illegal part is that most of these people DO NOT report the income made from scalping to the IRS. That is tax evasion.

      2. Scalping is reselling an item above the market value. I would argue that it would only be okay to sell an item for a marked up price if it’s been several years since the item has been sold, so that people who bought it only to sell it would really need to invest in said product without just buying what is hyped at the time.

  1. While it does suck that people are literally buying consoles just to resell them for a much higher profit. It’s not illegal an shouldn’t call for negative repercussions.

    A crap way to squeeze an extra 100 bucks or more out of people? Absolutely.

    But people don’t have to entertain the idea they Have to buy it either.

  2. I hope these people get stuck with the Switches just like the toilet paper and hand sanitizer hoarders. Unfortunately gamers typically have so little self-respect and/or patience as consumers… So they generally hand over their wallets, get spanked with it, and ask “Please sir may I have another?”

    1. Sorry. There was probably a less offensive way of calling out scalpers and gamers. It’s just always frustrating, as a gamer, to see scalpers or devs to charge outrageous money AND for gamers to actually buy those outrageously priced products. And you know what? A lot of them still complain about it. It’s almost like gamers don’t mind getting screwed over because it affords them an excuse to complain.

      Plus I’m just against any type of price gouging. C’mon, you’re only proving that you lack the ability to not exploit another human being. Bravo.

    2. Scalpers are starting to do it to games too. The Final Fantasy 7 remake was listed as being more than $100 on Amazon despite there being 40 different sellers. While I prefer physical for multiple reasons, I may start buying digital if this continues to trend.

      1. In fairness, when the primary sourcing for Amazon video games is dry, the secondary prices are *always* pretty ridiculous compared to ebay/offerup/mercari.

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