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US: Cuphead celebrates first year anniversary with 25% discount on eShop

Video game developer Studio MDHR has temporarily slashed the price of its popular title, Cuphead, on Nintendo Switch. To celebrate its first year anniversary of being on Switch, you can grab the game for $14.99 on the US eShop until 25/04/2020. At the time of writing, the discount doesn’t seem to have been applied to the EU eShop pricing (still £16.99).



  1. Unravel 2 is last day sell for $4.99. I got it. This game is A EPIC. I hope EA is making Unravel 3 in R&D. This game is so delightful.

    Ukelele the impossible lair is also in sale last day today for $19.99. It is ONE hell of a game especially if you like Donkey Kong. This is Epic..

    I hope Playtonic is working on a sequel to this as I type this and dont wait 8 years like Nintendo does.


  2. I hope Microsoft is working on a Cuphead 2 sequel. Fans shouldn’t have to wait 8 years. Developers at Nintendo I’m sure make over 100K annual. What exactly are their excuses of sequels being more than 10 years apart? I mean come on Luigi’s Mansion 2 was on 3DS for goodness sake, why would it be that many years from the 1st game?


    1. “I hope Microsoft is working on a Cuphead 2 sequel.”

      They published it. They didn’t make it.

      “Fans shouldn’t have to wait 8 years.”

      Better to wait 8 years than receive a shoddy product. Cuphead has 120,000 frames of hand drawn animation. By comparison, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves had 166,000…….. oh and they also had 750 animators to do it.

      “What exactly are their excuses of sequels being more than 10 years apart? I mean come on Luigi’s Mansion 2 was on 3DS for goodness sake, why would it be that many years from the 1st game?”

      You say this like development time is the only consideration. Nintendo has long term release schedules to plan. They need evenly distributed releases throughout the lifespan of all of their systems. Then there’s brand appreciation to consider. It is extremely difficult to maintain both quality and brand popularity with a constant release schedule. Assassin’s Creed did it…. and burned out in less than a decade. Nintendo plans to put these out for much much longer than a decade.

      As for your Luigi’s Mansion 2 timeline, I don’t really know why you would use that as your example because the issue clearly isn’t any kind of laziness. They weren’t sure that they were going to make sequels to Luigi’s Mansion *at all*. As a “killer app” to launch the Gamecube, it seriously under performed. Why would a business rush to put out sequels to a project that I’m sure internally was seen as a failure? I enjoy Earthbound. I would never fault Nintendo for not putting out English localizations of Mother games because the one they made sold very poorly.

      Really Gruntilda, I get that you’re antsy about the lack of news, but we just really don’t know how much Nintendo has in the works right now.

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  3. It takes time to create such an asshole of a game. I hope creating that game is just as frustrating as playing it. I’m sure it is a labor of love, just saying, that game is tough and made by sadists.


    1. This game is *FAR* from an asshole of a game. The games that inspired it from the 8 and 16-bit eras had limited lives and continues, and had entire stages you had to replay after dying to the boss. Cuphead is downright soft by comparison.

      I’d suggest giving it a try with a different mindset. It might seem like the game requires a lot of “skill”, but its something of an illusion for most of the bosses. Knowledge more than anything is what the game tests. Learning where to stand and what weapon to use. Go in to a new boss not trying to win, but just trying to learn how attacks work. Adjust weapon and position, and try again to retest. If its still too frustrating, watch a guide. Lots of the bosses have strategies that make them dramatically easier. The notorious Grim Matchstick is kind of a pushover using the Lobber on the topmost clouds.


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