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SEGA says they are open to reviving Sonic’s 1993 arcade game for SEGA AGES

Japanese video game site Game Watch recently chatted to SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari about the possibility of more Sonic the Hedgehog titles coming to the SEGA AGES series on the Nintendo Switch platform. Mr. Okunari was asked whether remaining Sonic titles such as Sonic 3 etc could become part of the package. He said that there aren’t any current plans, but he said Sonic’s 1993 arcade game could be a contender.

“When we began work on SEGA Ages for the Nintendo Switch, the amount of titles in development were limited, so we decided on a lineup that consisted of the first two entries in the Puyo Puyo and Sonic series. If this collection of SEGA Ages titles is successful, then I’d say we’d really like to consider releasing more in those series. The arcade game, SegaSonic the Hedgehog, has never been ported before…”

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5 thoughts on “SEGA says they are open to reviving Sonic’s 1993 arcade game for SEGA AGES”

  1. This is fine but would prefer some Dreamcast and Saturn games rather than the same games from 80’s and 90’s that have been done to death. I guess it must be a lot more work to remix 3D games than 2D but retro stuff seems to stop around 1995 and I’d like to see games from the late 90’s early 00’s get some exposure.

    1. SegaSonic has never been ported though. I understand what you mean, but this isn’t like the 28th time Super Mario Bros. or Sonic 2 or the Phoenix Wright Trilogy have been rereleased- this is a game that hundreds of millions never even got a chance to play.

  2. It’s too bad that the Sonic arcade game that used the trackball is too tricky to port. It looks like it would be an interesting title.

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