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Swedish retailer lists Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch release 19th June

Swedish video games retailer Inet has listed the long-rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch with a 19th June release date. That date is the same as the revised date for Sony’s upcoming blockbuster The Last of Us 2 for the PlayStation 4. Nintendo hasn’t made an announcement regarding Metroid Prime Trilogy but it has been rumoured to be in development for the Nintendo Switch for quite some time.

23 thoughts on “Swedish retailer lists Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch release 19th June”

  1. I really, really want this to be true. I have a feeling it’s probably been complete for a while but they’ve been sitting on it until we get closer to a Prime 4 release. Further more, I wouldn’t be surprised if Prime 4 was originally slated for Chrstmas 2020 when it was first announced. Right now 2020 seems pretty bare for Nintendo with a few exceptions, Animal Crossing etc. Totally just some random thoughts.

  2. It was a Swedish retailer who mentioned a Prime HD release before that Game Awards everyone hoped for something Metroid. Probably the same people now.

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  4. Why dont this liars be 100% sure before for announcing future games? A lot of fans look up to these franchises and when the liars say expect a game to be announced or unveiled soon, and it doesnt happen they get disappointed.

  5. So many supposed remakes upcoming…

    We’ll see what ends up being real. I’m actually very interested to see how Nintendo will handle any Wii remakes on Switch. I know the Joycons have some motion control functionality, but there’s no IR, right? For Galaxy 1 and 2, the easiest thing to do is just remove motion controls entirely, but for MP3, that game was built with IR control in mind.

  6. So wanting this, but it’s just no concrete news, I think it’s def coming eventually but the release will be tied in with mainly priming the newcomers to switch for mp4. This date seems too soon.

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  8. Why didn’t you link to the website you found it on? You obviously didn’t find it on Inet as many websites have already reported on this before you (and most off them didn’t link to their source either). This was first posted on Nintendo Soup. Kindly link to their article.

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