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Saber CEO says there’s still untapped power in Nintendo Switch hardware

Saber Interactive, the team behind the impressive port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the upcoming port of World War Z, still feel that developers can get even more juice out of the Nintendo Switch hardware. WCCFTech caught up with Saber Interactive CEO and founder Matthew Karch and asked if there’s much more power to be had from the current hardware and this is his response:

The upcoming Switch version of World War Z is actually more challenging than the port of The Witcher 3!

We are big fans of the Nintendo Switch and feel there is still a lot of great potential in the hardware and the platform. We have had enormous success so far, launching many titles on the Switch, and we are continuing to develop for the platform. We do feel there is more developers can get out of the Switch hardware, and we think fans will be surprised at some of the upcoming titles for it.

– Saber CEO and founder, Matthew Karch


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

22 thoughts on “Saber CEO says there’s still untapped power in Nintendo Switch hardware”

  1. I legit forgot World War Z is coming to Switch but what I’m really excited for is Azure Lane Crosswave coming to Switch. WWZ does look fun though

  2. I tell ya… I might be in the minority here but I just got finished playing Yoshi’s Crafted World and have started playing Luigi’s Mansion and THOSE are great games. It feels like there’s a bigger payoff for committing to a creative theme and/or giving plenty of attention to character animations. Yoshi’s Crafted World really felt like everything was/could be handmade in reality.

    idk… I wish devs would focus more on style and creativity when it comes to graphics vs trying to get the highest resolutions and realistic detail. I mean… if you think about it, the majority of people in real life do move kinda stiff and dull. Why aspire to that? Why not present something more larger than life and entertaining? Eh… rant over.

    1. I feel like realistic graphics definitely has its place as a creative option. Generally realistic games aren’t realistic at all. They mimic real life but instead attain to a hyper realism, where things are perfect or more cinematic. But I do think that realistic graphics and animations are very overused. And I agree that I wish more devs would create more stylized games. Or use the extra power to enhance the stylized look. Luigi’s mansion is a perfect example as you said. I also love Super Mario Odyssey, Paper Mario, a hat in time, skyward Sword. I feel like these games help you escape reality to experience something different.

    2. Totally true, why do you think Nintendo keep going with a certain look with the Zelda games. Not so much realism in the “creating the closest life like game” like Cod, but always implementing a shady unique graphic style that suits the game so well with the gameplay to boot.
      I think crafted world looks perfect for the game that it is. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. I’m sick of Nintendo not putting an internet browser on the Switch. That’s why I still keep using the Wii U, just for the browser. And some sites don’t work on the Wii U’s internet browser. And with nearly every site dropping support of Internet Explorer (my favorite browser), I probably won’t even be able to go to YouTube anymore after Monday (on the Wii U). PUT AN INTERNET BROWSER ON THE SWITCH, NINTEDNDO!

      1. Lol @Collect_or_die thinking you are somehow superior to everyone else because the device in your hands is a switch and not a smartphone. Like that makes any kind of difference.

    1. That would be great and connect on a Wifi at Starbucks or something. It would also be epic if it allowed to upload apps and Apple Music. Then you would have a Tablet and a Switch

  4. Enough to survive the PS5 and Xbox X Series, and not force everyone to upgrade to a Nintendo Switch Pro?

    1. It will survive, for better or worse the Switch is very attractive to indie and mid-sized developers. As for stuff like Cyberpunk 2077 we’ll probably not see it or it’ll be downgrade to like 480p or lower docked.

  5. I actually have to agree with Collector on this. We went from a Handheld that had an ok internet browser to a Handheld/Console that has nothing, not to mention Backgrounds (paid for with $) , Folders and hell even Badges are irrelevant now unless I happen to randomly fire up my 3ds.

    It’s just odd, feels wasted. 🗑

  6. Since this came from someone at SABER, I gotta believe the Switch has that special something developers just won’t bother exploring because they think porting it over to the Switch is already good enough. Let’s face it, gamers on ps and XBOX platforms keep getting games every-single-day. The Switch? We’ve been almost begging devs to pay some attention to it, especially now that those next-gen comput–err, I mean “consoles” are coming up.
    As for comfortfoodgames’ statement, that’s the “next-gen graphics” race the gaming industry has created from the get-go.
    Softwarehouses want to sell you photorealistic graphics, not game story; Which is why EA still believes in no single player campaign and want to turn (most of) their franchises into live services: No story, but you get to beat someone online. And come this gen, more and more developers will try to sell you the same thing.

    We gotta stand up for game story and vote with our wallets. Once these developers feel like they got enough sales numbers to motivate them to make beautiful-storyless games, they will never come back to single player campaigns. EA is onboard, Bethesda already tried it. What now, is it Activision’s turn? It’s a gamer’s civic duty not to let that fly, no matter how beautiful the game looks.

    And let’s face it, Nintendo Switch is the ONLY innovator among the three that came up with something new, different and inspiring. You gotta respect that, especially if you take into account they’ve been this creative this late in the game: a hybrid console. Microsoft and Sony’s products are just computers with their logo slapped on it, nothing more.
    “Oh, but it’s too weak”. No, it’s not! It’s an ARM-based device, and that’s what scares those devs away. No company without some serious cash want to hire a software engineer to convert their engine to a RISC processor, let alone create it from scratch. But you guys already knew that, so the aggravating factor here is that some games we’re seeing being released were in development when the Switch (Nintendo NX) was just an unfinished draft, so devs had no idea our hybrid console even existed. That’s why we don’t have Mafia Remastered. But the good news is, some companies have realize what’s going on: The production scale for the Switch and next-gen consoles has been affected by the ongoing pandemic, which means it will take some time until everybody (20 to 30 million in business terms) are onboard of those next-gen compu–CONSOLES; On top of that, people are losing their jobs, so they’re less likely to purchase a $500 or $550 for the console alone, whereas on the Switch the same amount gets you the hybrid console and some games (if you wait for a sale that is) and the hype is on the SWITCH, not ps4 or XB1. So what’s the industry’s reaction? Jump onboard of the Switch party and join in:
    * 2K’s Straus Zelnick already confirmed that GTA 5 is in development for the Switch: https://gadgetadvisor[dot]com/gaming/gta-5-finally-coming-to-nintendo-switch-after-ceo-confirms
    * EA is coming up with their EA Play (ugh) and there are Switch titles in the pipeline, according to their latest investors meeting;
    * Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square-Enix, based on that Amazon France’s leak, are cooking something for the Switch.
    I hope you get the point and see where this is going: the industry is creating a tendency, which is to follow the Switch. Will others follow? Probably not, because they have their games for the next-gen, but who knows.. as amanfromdeclan said, “Enough to survive the ps5 and XBSX”? – The BEST answer to that is, GIVE IT A TRY AND WE’LL SEE HOW IT GOES.

    But if you don’t care about stories, portability, and love to sit your ass on the couch just for the sake of beating others online and love those sharper pixels so much that you can’t even differentiate a ps4/xboxone/pc game from each other and money isn’t a concern, wait some more. The Switch is not for you.

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  9. Saber and I have said this tonnes of times. It a great game that beats graphics any day. Here is looking at you Xbox exclusives and Sony movies lol.

    Nintendo always makes the best games.

    ” Leave luck to heaven ”


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