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SEGA of America joins indie games showcase Guerrilla Collective

SEGA of America has announced that it will be participating in the upcoming indie video games showcase which is titled the Guerrilla Collective. The event is a huge three day gaming event and begins on Saturday, 6th June which is the date of the premier event. The second day, Sunday 7th June, will be an online press eventΒ and the third day will be a day of programming which has both live gameplay demos and developer interviews. You will be able to watch the proceedings over on Twitch.


3 thoughts on “SEGA of America joins indie games showcase Guerrilla Collective”

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    So we should expect something from them.

  2. I was 8 when Sonic Adventure launched in the United States. I want to play it on Nintendo Switch. My favorite playable characters were Sonic, Tails, Gamma, and Amy. Knuckles was my 5th.

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