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Nintendo of America publishes statement regarding Black Lives Matter (Update: The Pokemon Company too)

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Nintendo of America has after some time decided to publish a statement regarding the Black Lives Matter campaign on racial equality. We shared this statement with our followers on our social media channels earlier today but I realise not all of you use social media, so you may have missed it. I also realise that there are lots of different opinions on this subject from reading some of the Twitter replies to Nintendo of America’s statement and other video games companies statements such as Xbox, PlayStation, Square Enix over the past few days. I would rather not have to disable the comments for this post, so please try to be thoughtful and considerate if you decide to take the time to reply. Thank you.


Update: The Pokemon Company has also provided a statement:


65 thoughts on “Nintendo of America publishes statement regarding Black Lives Matter (Update: The Pokemon Company too)”

    1. Its really nice for them to still see that they care much about everyone in the world. Even black people. I never seen Nintendo post any political statement before.

          1. Not trying to fuel and argument here, but saying “Nintendo cares about everyone. Even black people” makes them seem less valued. Not calling you racist, just the way its worded. Cheers.

      1. @N64EVER

        Seems like saying “even black people” should be fine since it’s “black lives matter” because I remember when they were trying to say “ALL lives matter” and that got some negative pushback so… kinda inconsistent tbh.

        Personally I have no stake in this. I just try my best to live by the mantra “don’t be a dick” and, when I fail, I try to immediately stop being a dick and make peace.

        I kinda want Charles Martinet to record Mario saying “Don’t be-a dick!” now…

        You know when you need to reevaluate your life when Mario calls you a dick.

        1. I’m not being a dick honestly. I just want to make a good statement about everyone in the world who is from a different race. Black people are humans and there is nothing to be a ashamed being a human being. Sure we all make bad mistakes but at least we can learn from it.

          Also i don’t think Nintendo has no intention on doing the mario dick quote and for there franchises because they want to keep there brand and there series a kid friendly thing. :/

          1. I’m sorry. I was in no way implying anyone was being a dick here. I was just speaking generally and trying to add little levity by having a beloved, family-friendly video game character have to shame people using profanity.

      2. It’s ok I’m black myself and I didn’t get offended, I did wanted to say that they way you worded it might offend others, since they way you type it sounds like your calling blacks low class, I didn’t take any offense tho cause your wordings usually seems off sometimes but I always get the point your trying to make

        1. No, I’m not calling them low class. I’m calling some cops are. They won’t learn how to follow orders and do there jobs correctly and follow the policy. But, i see what you mean,

  1. Hmm, so they got browbeat by the twitter mob eh? I remember the days of Reggie saying that Nintendo was about fun and not politics and that they’d let other people voice it.

    Not a bad statement though. I completely understand the mistrust that the black community has in the police after what happened a week ago.

  2. Dude. we don’t need bullshit conservative propaganda on a nintendo fan site. Get the hell out of here.

      1. Yes, leftist propaganda has been normalized by the media. It will continue to rule the day until the silent majority organizes and begins to push back publicly. Start by publicizing the fact that companies such as Nintendo are openly funding anti-American Marxist groups like BLM, a group which does not hide the fact that they are ANTI-POLICE. They have been trying to shut down the police since they were formed during the Obama administration. Decent law-abiding citizens should be outraged that companies like Nintendo are donating large sums of cash to such a group.

    1. I hope you’re not replying to me lol. Complete opposite of what I’m doing. I was referring to the racist comments which I think have since been removed. Thanks Sickr!

  3. All lives matter. My life matters. My wife’s life matters. My son’s life matters. America is the greatest country on Earth. Everyone’s life matters regardless of your race. Blacks don’t need special treatment. Period.

    1. Maybe everyone needs special treatment. Life is hard and all humans have vulnerabilities. Let’s patch each other up instead of making more rips in the fabric of community.

      1. “Maybe everyone needs special treatment.”

        What? If everyone gets it, it isn’t special treatment. The word special in the context means exclusive and exclusionary. Not rendering an opinion on the issue itself, but I have no idea what you could mean by everyone getting special treatment. That’s the opposite of special treatment.

    2. cool if everybody should get equal treatment then you should live in constant fear that you, your wife and your kids might not come home one day because of a corrupt cop. also, it’s gonna be a really fun and sexy time for you when your kids grow up and cut contact with you for living on the wrong side of history.

      1. Last year a total of 9 unarmed black people were killed by police. Most with cause. Meanwhile blacks committed 53% of murders and 60% of robberies. Who is really on the wrong side of history here?

  4. Nice to see a lot of companies putting out statements, and TPCi even donating. I just hope police brutality numbers go down and more people start treating others with respect after all of this.

  5. Wow…. Pokemon Company’s responses is like every mindless corporation just trying to get people to like them so they can get money whilst Nintendo makes an Unbiased Statement on the matter… Yep, no longer going to buy Pokemon Stuff in the near future.

    I’ll still support Nintendo though, they deserve the support for being legit unbiased.

    1. Yeah, when they announced they were donating $100,000 to the cause instead of putting out a statement and donating to them silently I wondering if they didn’t have the purest intentions.

      1. Yes absolutely 100%. You don’t give BLM money for the same reason you don’t pay ransom to terrorists. You simply reward their behavior and ensure they will hold the country hostage the next time they need cash. This corporate cowardice is shameful and dangerous.

  6. Maybe lack of looting and rioting? She was forgotten pretty quick.
    But I do think Noor ended up in prison, and due process was not as colored as in this case.

  7. I understand that what happened is terrible and caused the death of another human, but the extent to which things have played out is too far. The riots, looting, beating and potentially killing of police/other people.

    Its almost like “they” would want you to believe there’s an actual agenda to kill black people. I’m not saying there aren’t just bad people with bad intentions, but blaming any one particular sect of people over this incident is fffkkkd up.

    All lives do matter.

    And Seth Rogan can take his shitty movies and shovel them right back up into his @$&.

    1. I cant agree more. And i cant and wont support anyone or company that back a group wanting to do away with police and loot and promote violence. For these reasons i say boycott pokemon and Nintendo. And this is coming from a die hard 20 plus year player.

  8. Ok. I hope the gaming industry focus on video games and not this riot. I wanted to see the PS5 for gosh sakes. How not unveiling the PS5 have to do with a dumb riot and Covid-19.

    I hate that flu more than the cases he put on people. Dumb government was stupid to pay people more money than they did when they worked. Going to just destroy their own economy. That’s stupid. Sweden was the smartest country in the world. Knowing a lockdown would take a big toll on small businesses.

    If you sick stay home. Period. As for the dumb riot. I dont have the care in the world for people who looting people’s businesses and destroying their hard effort to get a business started….black or white.

    What the hell does a small business have to do with what happend to George Floyd?

    1. Well, for those of you out there waiting for a PS5 reveal is gonna have to wait a little longer. Sony has not yet announced the rescheduling for the event right now.

  9. OpposeOmochaoForReplacingCreamTheRabbit

    Black lives do matter but where were Disney, Blizzard, and Nike when Hong Kong needed their help?

  10. My Nintendo News, I am so happy you kept the opposing sentiments, but erased the ignorant racist ones. Racists are but a highly volatile minority that is fading. Prejudice shall remain, but that we can deal with. Nintendo and the world have responded well. God has his child George Floyd in heaven. For like Nintendo “ leave luck to heaven!” God is powerful enough to embrace mister Floyd, for even Christ Jesus suffered from police brutality. Black lives matter, with this everyone else will benefit from laws coming that protect all; and hold authorities and politicians accountable. Let us enjoy 😊 video games because the Switch is amazing.


  11. “ Chris B (@CartoonChriss) JUNE 4, 2020 AT 5:37 AM
    Wow…. Pokemon Company’s responses is like every mindless corporation just trying to get people to like them so they can get money whilst Nintendo makes an Unbiased Statement on the matter… Yep, no longer going to buy Pokemon Stuff in the near future.

    I’ll still support Nintendo though, they deserve the support for being legit unbiased.”

    Are you never buying anything from the Pokémon company because the gave money to a worthy cause? This planet is for all people, if black people suffer, then we shall support them, just like we support Hong Kong or the women that get attacked in India. Stop being upset that evil empires are falling. We are more than Jedi, or the sith. We are even greater than the original force. We are of a unifying God. Let us game on. Okay Pokémon kind of sucks though lol.

  12. Welp Nintendo has now shown more support for Black Lives Matter movement then certain “Leaders” of our country, good for Nintendo.

    For those who are saying “yea but all lives matter”. That is a true statement, but please do a little research and find out why All Lives Matter isn’t the greatest message at this point in time. I could shout it myself, but if you want to learn, it is on you to do the work. Also, it is a privaledge to have to research racial injustice instead of living in it for one’s whole life.

    1. I don’t disagree with you on “All Lives Matter”, but your messaging is significantly hampered by being about 80% condescension by volume.

      Nice pick on 8cantwait though. I was quite pleased when I finally saw someone making a useful suggestion that can be measured by objective standards.

  13. Disgusting to see Nintendo extorted into forking over $100k to an anti-American Marxist group involved in rioting, looting, and arson in numerous cities across the United States. This is a sad, and shameful day.

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