Nintendo Pokemon

Pokemon: Episode 5 of Twilight Wings is here

The official Pokemon YouTube channel has uploaded the fifth episode of the wonderfully animated Pokemon: Twilight Wings. If you haven’t caught up with the unfolding events then you can watch all the previous episodes of Twilight Wings right here. Episode 5, titled Assistant, focusses on Oleana. Check it out below!


  1. I will skip the episodes centered around Gordie, Avery and Allister. I liked Olympia (psychic), Olivia (rock), and Acerola (ghost) better. I want Bea and Klara to join Melony on pokemon shield in the crowned tundra DLC. I’m glad Oleana appeared on both games.


  2. I want my Articuno and Lugia from red and silver to be transferred to shield. They were on moon to learn technical machine moves.

    fly, ice beam, hyper beam, steel wing

    fly, psychic, ice beam, thunderbolt


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