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EA shares new Burnout Paradise Remastered ‘8 high-octane truths’ trailer


Electronic Arts has uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming Burnout Paradise Remastered that is scheduled to speed its way onto Nintendo Switch on 19th June. The short but snappy trailer shows us ‘8 high-octane truths’ about the high-speed racer ranging from the fact it comes bundled with a ton of DLC, it runs at 60fps and there are more than 150 cars to collect. Although the arrival of the title will be a positive thing for many folks out there looking for a sharp racer, the game’s release has come under some scrutiny on social media due to the high price tag (it’s currently listed as £44.99 on both Amazon and Nintendo’s official website).

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

4 thoughts on “EA shares new Burnout Paradise Remastered ‘8 high-octane truths’ trailer”

  1. So question for anyone familiar with this game. I think I played the original way back when it was on PS2 i think? I remember there being a really fun mode where you try to cause a crash and cause a chain reaction of other cars crashing to see how much $$$ you can rack up in damage. And then you get to watch it all unfold in slow motion. Was that the original Burnout game or am I just thinking of something completely different, and if I am thinking of Burnout, does this Burnout Paradise include that mode?

    1. I’m not really familiar with the Burnout games but I did play a bit of Burnout Paradise. It’s the large open world one which was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    2. You’re correct I remember that mode fondly it was my favorite as well I really hope it makes it to the switch version I believe again you’re correct PlayStation 2 and man was it just so much fun good stuff fingers crossed

  2. Burnout 2 introduced crash mode, but Burnout 3 Takedown was a real good version where you could explode your car once with the press of a button, usually towards end of crash, very fun.

    Crash mode is in Paradise, but it isn’t level by level like the others with stuff set up, it is more of a “do crash mode wherever you want.” Haven’t tried it, not sure if it as fun as Takedown version.

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