Nintendo Pokemon Switch

Pokemon news to be shared tomorrow Wednesday 17th June

The Pokemon Company has announced it will be holding an 11 minute presentation for the Pokemon franchise tomorrow Wednesday, 17th June at 2pm BST / 6am PDT. The presentation will presumably focus on the DLC for the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass which launches tomorrow on Nintendo Switch.


  1. I guess we’re not getting any Smash bros announcement on ARMs’ anniversary. This is the straw that broke the camels back. Rest in peace Smash bros.


    1. It’s final evolution is a fire/fighting type that was an Incineroar who got his paw stuck in the can. Sort of a Slowpoke/Shellder type thing.

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      1. Your suggestions are too coherent for current design philosophy. For best results, put a type, a real world animal, and a random theme onto separate random number generators and see what comes out.

        Fairy type armadillo politician it is!


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