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Japan: Herzog Zwei will join the SEGA Ages line-up for Nintendo Switch

SEGA Mega Drive game Herzog Zwei which launched back in 1989 will be making a return to the Nintendo Switch as part of the SEGA Ages lineup. It was originally developed by Technosoft. It is a real time strategy title and the SEGA Ages version will contain a helper mode for players who are new to the title. SEGA Ages: Herzog Zwei also features an online versus mode and a practise mode. A Japanese release date has yet to be announced but it will cost 999 yen


2 thoughts on “Japan: Herzog Zwei will join the SEGA Ages line-up for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Sega Ages is a really weird thing they’ve been doing.
    Considering there’s a collection of 50 Sega games you can just purchase (usually at a discounted price to boot) I really don’t see the point in getting these.
    They should really just jump to Saturn/Dreamcast games for their Ages catalogue, because their genesis library is thoroughly milked.

    On a side note I’ve given up all hope on Sonic 3 ever being released again due to its music debacle, so I just went ahead and bought the Mega Collection for like the third time in my life.
    15 years later and my Gamecube still sees use, fathom that.

    1. unlike a lot of compilation bundles sega does, those are usually just the genesis/megadrive games.
      The SEGA AGES series meanwhile, so far with the exception of sonic 1 & 2, has been intended to cater towards sega’s arcade and master system catalog. Which has a had much more limited selection of ways to play outside of their original cabinet’s/cartridges.
      Not only that but include a number of quality of life improvements and bonus features.

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