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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Version 1.1.2 patch notes

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has recently received a new update bringing it to Version 1.1.2. The new patch contains a number of fixes which should solve any issues you’ve encountered. Here’s the full patch notes for Version 1.1.2. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Patch Notes:

  • Turning off tutorial popups also turns off the casual mode popup.
  • Fixed NG+ affinity coin underflow.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with auto-attack delay.
  • Fixed a softlock if the player falls off a cliff before a vision.
  • Seems to have fixed new Tephra Cave skip.
  • Fixed some Uniques running away too easily.
  • Fixed some cutscene musics/GFX.


6 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Version 1.1.2 patch notes”

  1. I didn’t know that some Unique monsters running away too easily was an issue but glad they fixed it. Also, I knew they were going to fix the new Tephra Cave skip and glad I did it weeks before they brought out this patch. If you guys need or want to do the skip I suggest turning off WiFi and play on the version before this new one. This new skip is a bit more easier and can be done after fighting the first spider boss or during but you have to die to it first.

    1. I’m not sure if this is the issue they are referring to, but I did observe one difference with unique monsters running away as compared to the original game.

      In colony 9, there is a side quest where you have to retrieve a key item that is positioned behind a level 35 or so unique frog monster in a cave. Normally, by the time you get this quest, that monster’s level is way too high for you, but in the original version, it was possible to lure the monster out of the cave, wait for it to escape and then quickly run into the cave and snatch the item while it slowly walked back there. This is almost impossible to replicate in the remaster, because what I found happened most of the time was that the monster escaped from the battle and immediately just warped back to its spawn location. I had to try countless times before it eventually showed the behavior from the original game and I was able to snatch the item. It could very well be this issue they’re referring to.

      1. I’ve actually managed to replicate that in the original, it’s very difficult to do but it’s doable and it did not ran away too quickly as I was able to kite it. The one I had an issue that I didn’t know was an issue was a Unique fish in Colony 9, the one that is quest related and in the spot where you jump from the park where Shulk eats his infinity sandwich.

  2. The Tephra Cave skip was legendary and will not be forgotten. If anyone wants early level 50 within the first hour, don’t update, turn off WiFi and look up the Tephra Cave skip.

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