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US and UK: First episode of Pokemon Journeys available on Youtube

The latest animated Pokemon series, Pokemon Journeys, is now available for fans to watch on the official Pokemon TV YouTube channel. You can check out the first episode for free, which is basically a prequel, so it starts off at the very beginning. However, if you have Netflix you will eventually be able to watch every episode. It started with the first 12 episodes on Netflix and the remaining episodes, which are 13-24, will be added in September.

5 thoughts on “US and UK: First episode of Pokemon Journeys available on Youtube”

  1. Too much Allister. Not enough Bea. I thought Allister was just gonna be a guy I only battle once. I soft reset to prevent him from showing up to rematches in Wyndon. I want an update that allows me to see Bea on shield.

  2. I want shield to get an update that allows Bea and Klara to appear on shield even if they can’t be battled. I don’t like Allister and Avery but I really wanted Zamazenta.

  3. Klara is better than Avery

    Avery is the worst character on pokemon shield. He is not a girl I can date. Klara is better than Avery.

  4. Willy Wonka and Belle Delphine being version exclusive on shield and sword was a mistake. I should have had the choice of who I wanted to battle. I wanted Klara but I’m stuck with Avery. I hope shield gets a cute girl exclusively for crown tundra.

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