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Japan: Nintendo’s annual report shows staff average age, annual salary & more


A few days ago, we got an insight into how much some of the bosses at Nintendo had earned, but now, thanks to Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad, this year’s average figures for such things like average employee age and number of employees at Nintendo has been revealed.

Below, you can see 2020’s figures and beneath that, check out how the numbers differ in the previous year. What’s interesting is to see such a long length of employment. Nintendo is often praised on how well it looks after its employees, so I guess this is testament to that notion.


  • No of Employees: 2,395
  • Average age: 39.2
  • The average length of employment: 13.9 yrs
  • Average annual salary: $86,583


  • No of Employees – 2,271
  • Average age – 38.6
  • The average length of employment – 13.5 yrs
  • Average workday – 7hrs, 45mins
  • Average annual salary – $80,000

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3 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo’s annual report shows staff average age, annual salary & more”

  1. Too be fair, in Japan it’s more usual to stay at one place longer than most other countries. Back in Business Class we learned Japan had this “life long employment” mentality, not in every case ofc, but I don’t think this necessarily only equates to Nintendo being a great place to work, but also shows that they’re a company with traditional Japanese business behaviour.

    A better indication is that they’ve had an increase in staff, but still had a longer employment length, which is nice. Probably means they’re not exchanging out staff for cheaper labor force since they also increased salary.

    They’ve changed the last 20 years at least. Aonuma said the working condition around Majora’s Mask was probably the reason he had grey hair lol.

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