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Koei Tecmo financial report states Persona 5 Scramble will get a western release

Koei Tecmo has recently disclosed their financial report and within that report is confirmation that the developer is looking to release Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers here in the west on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. An exact release window hasn’t been announced by the company. Hopefully Atlus and Koei Tecmo will reveal more details about the localisation soon.



    1. Why this is news I can’t tell!!
      They just need to release the western version than all this they’re doing. What’s the release date still nothing! Game have been released over 9months ago or so in Japan.

  1. Atlus: hmmm… Shall I release a game that has a big following and has more action than the standard one to an audience that mostly enjoys action games?…. Nah

  2. Funny how we have to rely on Koei Tecmo for news instead of Atlus themselves.

    Seriously, why the hell is Atlus being so vague about this game?

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