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Latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update datamined


Twitter user Ninji – best known for their video game patch datamining – has posted their findings from the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update (1.4.0). There wasn’t a huge amount to uncover from the new update, but they did go on to say that references to sewing and cooking have been removed. They also revealed some items that might be included in a future update from Nintendo and they’re listed below:

  • New ‘35_Gyroid’
  • ItemKind – New ‘VgtTomato’, ‘VgtWheat’, ‘VgtSugarCane’, ‘VgtPotato’, ‘VgtCarrot’, ‘VgtSquash’ map Fg items –
  • New bush type (Plumeria)

Of course, we won’t know for sure what Nintendo has planned for us with New Horizons until they officially announce it, but it’s interesting to see what may be in store. For now, though, enjoy the fireworks and dreams!

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9 thoughts on “Latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update datamined”

  1. You really had to put those spoilers in the title?!

    You know some of us actually like to be surprised and you’ve just ruined it for a lot of people.


    1. I mean the things he mention in the title were remove from the datamine, so it may or may not show up in game, so don’t get too upset, I do agree he shouldn’t have spoil it in the title tho,

  2. The file names like “wheat”, “sugarcane”, “squash”, and “carrot” make me think cooking/baking will be a thing for an autumn update, with you being able to make things like pies with the wheat, sugarcane and fruits (apple pie is a fall staple, right? Squash definitely is.).

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