Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, will be narrating High Score Netflix documentary

It has been confirmed today that the beloved voice behind Nintendo’s iconic Mario, Charles Martinet, will be the narrator for Netflix’s upcoming High Score documentary about the history of video games. The series concentrates on the golden age of video games and will be available for Netflix subscribers to watch on Wednesday, 19th August. Check out the trailer for the upcoming 6-part documentary series, below.


  1. Oh MY! I thought this was going to say he passed away. I don’t trust the news these days. I’m still traumatized over the day I came here to My Nintendo News 5 years ago and saw the words “Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away”. Such a devastating and shocking moment.

    1. NES controller? What NES controller?
      I’m sure you mean “why does that non copyright-infringing, generic video game controller have four buttons”.

  2. I believe he means the NES controller with the four buttons; A, B, Start and Select.

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