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Japan: Nintendo and Game Freak file for three new ‘Pi!car!’ trademarks

Nintendo, Game Freak Inc. and Creatures Inc. have filed for three new trademarks relating to ‘Pi!car!’ in Japan. According to Japanese Nintendo, the filings are for a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Toyota Motor Corporation for a ‘futuristic car project’ that utilises a compact design without using petrol fumes.

No other details have emerged from the trademarks that were filed on 13th August but Japanese Nintendo states the following:

All three applications use both the “Vehicle” and “Education and entertainment” categories with all three also using 42 product services related to the above categories. None are for a potential Pi!car! video game.

So those looking at these trademarks thinking that a new Pokemon game is on its way should probably put the breaks on and gear up for disappointment. However, the prospect of having a Pikachu self-driving electric car is both the stuff of nightmares and potentially a dream come true.


8 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo and Game Freak file for three new ‘Pi!car!’ trademarks”

  1. I wonder how they plan to incorporate “education and entertainment” into a car, especially if they’re going for a compact design that won’t be able to seat an entire family. I remember seeing the occassional Pikachu-shaped car when I was little, but I can’t imagine the ears and tail being environmentally friendly, as they’d cause unnecessary drag and therefore more energy consumption. I guess they might just make it yellow with Pikachu’s features as a painted design. Really curious to see the final product.

    1. I’d imagine the branding is there to help convey a ‘clean energy’ image. bring on the countless apps and marketing for the Pokemon X Car crossover! Having big Pika ears would be sweet, though.

  2. I glad I sold Pokémon shield and brought sword. Avery is the worst character and now I’m enjoying Klara. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

    1. You gave up Melony for Klara and Bea. Hopefully all 3 girls can be battled in the crown tundra update regardless of which version is being played.

  3. I soft reset to block Allister from Wyndon. I can defeat him but I find him unattractive. I would do the same to Gordie if I was playing sword. I hate Avery for replacing Klara. I like Zamazenta but Melony is the only shield exclusive trainer I enjoy. #BeaIsBetterThanAllister #MelonyIsBetterThanGordie

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