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Free in-game Ring Con if you download the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update

Nintendo has just announced that the latest, free update will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 30th September and can read all about that here, but they’ve also announced that players who download the Autumn update will receive their very own in-game Ring Con item to place in their humble abode. This is the plastic resistance attachment that’s used for the very popular Ring Fit: Adventure fitness game that’s available on Nintendo Switch right now.

We’ve no idea if it will actually do anything other than probably just bounce on the spot, but it’s a neat addition nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “Free in-game Ring Con if you download the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update”

  1. Honestly wish they let us upgrade our houses more, my house is design in a very nice and neat way and has a homey feel to it (I’m S rank in happy home) there’s still some stuff I would like to put in my house but the side and back rooms are so small, and I want keep walking around my house freely without being block off with some big furniture, I’m honestly deciding if I should get a second character to put my items in their house but I really don’t want my villagers to get too attach about him.

  2. it feels like all the content theyre adding was planned from launch and theyre just drip feeding it to us over time without any intent on adding or making any quality of life changes that has arisen throughout the duration of the game being out. like why the hell do we only have a 1600 item storage

    1. As far as the drip-feeding thing goes, I think they’re taking the Splatoon route in order to give players incentive to keep coming back to see what’s new. I don’t think that’s a bad idea.

      As to ignoring stuff like quality-of-life adjustments (like crafting several of a DIY project instead of one at a time should you so choose to), I don’t have an answer to that. Just your usual Nintendo stubbornness.

  3. Id settle for all the content from the old games.
    But there is plenty of quality of life improvements to make. But they hit the jackpot during the quarantine with the game. Almost as if they planned the pandemic lol

    Nintendo please update this title please!!!

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