Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a CG movie, is coming to Netflix in 2021

According to a tweet made by Netflix Portugal, Netflix will be streaming a CG Resident Evil movie in 2021. The movie is called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Netflix Portugal’s tweet also included a teaser trailer of the movie. You can see the tweet and teaser trailer for yourself down below.

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  1. hey, we finally reached a point where the upcoming console generation mit look at least as good as CG movies. Of course I haven’t seen more of the film and I don’t even mean it doesn’t look good. It seems to be on par with common TV-CG-productions and might work quite fine. But this could also be any screenshot of an average PS5 title. PS4-generation already came close to this point, but now I’m really askiing why I should watch this movie when I can play RE VIII instead, offering just so much more. Such a Netflix production would feel like a nice unlockable i a game, compared to the many hours of interactive thrill, a game provides, combined with its countless cinematics.

    1. That’s bullshit! We will never reach the point where games look as good as contemporary CG movies. Games can only look better than older CG movies (unless the movie looks bad to begin with). Those TV-CG productions like cartoons you mentioned don’t count, as they are rendered on graphics cards (to reduce production costs). A game has to render each frame in a fraction of a second and is constrained to how the graphics card implements certain graphical features (like ray-tracing). A CG movie can use many minutes for a frame and can outsource rendering to a render farm. Also the render algorithms don’t have any constrains whatsoever as they can run on CPUs. That’s another reason why CG movies will always be ahead, because mathematicians and artists create algorithms that can only be used for CG movies. It takes years or decades to implement them in games. You can achieve any realistic effect in movies, like water, fire, clouds, glass, cloth and infinitely more. They all look much inferior in games.

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