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Japan: Monster Hunter Rise – full gameplay demo from Tokyo Game Show 2020

YouTube channel GamersPrey has uploaded the full game play demo of the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Monster Hunter Rise, which was showcased today at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 online event. The game is scheduled for next March and is running on the RE Engine which Capcom has managed to get up and running on the platform. If you are a Minster Hunter fan then Reddit user Surly Dancing has posted a recap of video highlighting some of the changes users can expect from the next entry in the acclaimed series.

  • Item box restocking is back. This was one of the iffier changes in World, but it looks like it’s here to stay.
  • Potion drinking in motion, again from World.
  • Radial menu is back.
  • Dropped shinies are bigger now, making them more visible.
  • The minimap can be zoomed in to show gathering points, which was one of World’s best changes.
  • Fast gathering returns. You can also gather while riding the Palamute.
  • In-battle chatter can be turned off.
  • No scoutflies, but no paintballs either. It seems monsters are marked on the map automatically?
  • The sharpness bar takes a step up from World. Instead of just just showing your current sharpness level depleting, you can see the whole sharpness range.


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