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Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch and mobile details leak online

New details regarding the upcoming Pokemon multiplayer online battle arena game Pokemon Unite for mobile and Nintendo Switch have appeared online. The details come from play testers who were supposed to keep the information secretive but have instead broken an embargo. Pokemon Unite is being developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent in partnership with The Pokemon Company. Here’s what has been shared by the play-testers.

General Details

  • There are 5 basic roles in this game: Strike/Power, Support, Standard/Balancer, Defense, Speed
  • Each of the Pokemon characters is divided into 3 types of usability: Beginner, Medium, Advanced/Master
  • There are 2 kinds of attack distance: Short-range Attacks & Long-range Attacks
  • List of the Pokemon can be sorted by the order of release time or by the order of recruit time
  • Pokemon evolves at level 5 and level 7 (if it can evolve twice)
  • Pokemon learns new moves at level 1, level 3, level 5, or level 7
  • You can only choose 1 move from the 2 alternative ones each time from the same move group (like basic moves group and powerful moves group, the higher the level is the move powerful moves you can learn)
  • There is one basic move from the beginning, and when you learn the third move, the Pokemon will forget its basic move
  • At level 9, Pokemon will learn the unite move as its third move
  • At some point during the battle, powerful wild Pokemon will show up in the center of the map
  • Legendary Pokemon like Zapdos and Pokemon from Gen 8 like Drednaw all debut in this section
  • If you defeat these types of Pokemon you will get more points than other wild Pokemon
  • Items like Rare Candy or Sitrus Berry will randomly drop on the map; they all have special effects on Pokemon

Basic info on available Pokemon currently

  • Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venusaur line: Strike + Medium + Long-range
  • Charmander – Charmeleon – Charizard line: Standard + Beginner + Short-range
  • Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise line: Defense + Medium + Long-range
  • Pikachu line: ? + Medium + Long-range
  • Jigglypuff – Wigglytuff line: Support + Medium + Short-range
  • Machop – Machoke – Machamp line: Standard + Medium + Short-range
  • Slowpoke – Slowbro line: Defense + Medium + Long-range
  • Snorlax line: ? + Beginner + Short-range
  • Lucario line: ? + Advanced + Short-range
  • Froakie – Frogadier – Greninja line: Strike + Advanced + Long-range
  • Fletchling – Fletchinder – Talonflame line: Speed + Medium + Short-range
  • Zeraora line: ? + Advanced + Short-range
  • Pikachu: In the beginning, you can learn from Thunder Shock & Electroweb; at level 5 can learn from Electro Ball & Thunder; at level 7 can learn from Thunderbolt & Volt Tackle


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