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Ubisoft has unlocked all reward items in Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 on Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has unlocked over 1,000 Club rewards for games that won’t be making the transition to Ubisoft Connect. This means that Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on the Nintendo Switch have had all previous reward items unlocked and you’ll be notified of the rewards when you next boot up the game. Other Ubisoft games which will have rewards unlocked include Far Cry 5, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Anno 1800, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Just Dance 2020, The Crew 2, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

“Some of our older games are no longer patched and have not transitioned to Ubisoft Connect and will still have Ubisoft Club branding even after the release of Ubisoft Connect,” Ubisoft’s frequently asked questions page reads. “For these games we have unlocked all the Ubisoft Club rewards for free. You will see notifications for the unlocks when you start your game.”

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    1. That’s because Mario and Rabbids has no connectivity to Ubisoft Club. I actually asked Ubisoft Support about that this week, and they confirmed me that there’s no Ubisoft Club integration on the game

      1. Doesnt suprise me. Make 1 game amd do nothing after that. Ignoring the fact it was the 1st best selling 3rd party on the Switch. It would seem that alone would had had Ubisoft and Nintendo to make the sequel. But devlopers are dumb so…..

  1. So when is lazy Ubisoft and lazy Nintendo going to make a Mario Rabbids 2 game?
    They should had started on it immediately after the 1st one debuted on Switch. But we know how devlopers are make 1 game wait over a decade before deciding a sequel.

    Then when the main developers decide they want to work on a sequel 10 years later they got to hire a number of devlopers, graphics devloper, sound effects, voice etc etc. Yet if they had just worked on the game right away before scattering to the 4 winds, the sequel would had debuted sooner rather than later.

    So why do devlopers do such dumb ideas? Make a great game then scatter to the 4 winds? Then 10 years later search for people who can make a sequel 10, 15 or 20 years later. Thats why Metroid Prine 4 will cost fans $400 dollars. The Switch is 3 years old going on 4 in March. They take over half the console’s life cycle to make a game. Had they made Metroid 4immediately after it came out on Wii then they already have all their developers righgt there instead of some going to France, California and New York.

    Now if I was a video game devloper I would schedule a date when all of the developers would return and where to make a sequel because I already know Pikmin fans been waiting over 5 years for Pikmin 4.

    And when the hell are we going to get a Tropical Freeze sequel?

    P.S. i know not to expect Luigi’s Mansion 4 until 2035. After all Dark Moon came out what 11 years ago?

  2. And when we goingnti get a new starfox game. They take too long. Must be nice to be Miyomoto who gets paid over 100k and make a game once every 11 years then take a 8 year vacation. I wish I had his job.

  3. Devlopers like Rare are also stupid to ignore Banjo-kazooie franchise another game that brings in Revenue either remade or a Threeie. But devlopers are dumb so…..

    Probably be 24 years when the very few left alive to begin Threeie.

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