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PlayStation 5 DualSense haptic feedback created by same company which made HD Rumble for Switch Joy-Cons

A Reddit user has discovered that the unique PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense, which features a variety of haptic feedback functions, was created by none other than Immersion Corporation. The name may sound familiar to you as it is the same company which produced the lovely HD Rumble feature in the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. The DualSense has received a number of good reviews as it improves on the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble feature. However, PlayStation 5 users have reported that controller battery life isn’t a huge step up from the DualShock 4 for PlayStation 4. Thankfully, PlayStation 5 players are reporting that you can adjust the feedback in settings, which should hopefully users save some battery life.


8 thoughts on “PlayStation 5 DualSense haptic feedback created by same company which made HD Rumble for Switch Joy-Cons”

  1. that’s exactly what I thought when playing with my new ps5 controller. I wasn’t that impressed simply cause I had already held the joy cons. Remember what they did with the HD rumble in kirby star allies when you beat the game? That seriously impressed me.

    1. The DualSense has far better rumble capabilities, in my opinion. It’s just an upgrade over the tech in the Switch controller. The question is, will they use it as well as Nintendo does? Probably not. Astro’s Playroom shows how cool it can be. Whereas Demon’s Souls barely uses it.

      1. The PS5 just went out of there way to actually uss the tech in the showcase. No Switch game uses HD rumble completely like Astro other than 1-2 Switch, which most people didn’t play. There’s no improvement to the tech, but the motors in the PS5 controller are larger, especially compared to the Joycons, so it does have a much stronger feel. Just like you, I’m worry devs just ignore it like they do with the Switch.

  2. It’s no surprise, they usually get there ideas from elsewhere. I haven’t experienced it myself but the way people have been describing it sounded like a slightly upgraded hd rumble. The main thing with this kind of tech is that it is down to individual developers to make the best use of it and sadly most of the time they don’t bother. When some effort is put into it it’s been really cool on the Switch, a personal favourite is the bubbly water in Mario Odyssey

  3. I remember during launch of the switch they made a big deal out of the HD Rumble. Too bad not many devs utilised it outside of 1, 2 Switch.

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