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Indie World Showcase from Nintendo tomorrow, 15th December

Tune in on Dec. 15 at 9am PT / 5pm UK time to ring in the holidays with a new Indie World Showcase. The showcase features roughly 15 minutes of updates and new announcements about indie games from global partners coming to Nintendo Switch. To watch, check out the livestream at Further information about the library of indie games available for Nintendo Switch can be found at the Indie World Hub on the official Nintendo website.

Source: Nintendo of America

11 thoughts on “Indie World Showcase from Nintendo tomorrow, 15th December”

  1. And thats a wrap we aren’t getting any digital directs this year, and the only first party game we know thats coming out is the 3d world port which they still haven’t disclose new info on yet like they said, I’m hype for the indie presentation but I’m also concern that 2021 is going to have dry months untill the summer.

    1. We can only hope next year is better, butt this year has probably made for some big delays for next year as well :/
      I just hope we’ll get some news around Sports Story.

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  3. Oops my bad yall I was on facebook and didn’t mean to bring this up on mynintendo news. Please delete that or ignore it. I feel so stupid. Gosh. I copy and paste on the wrong social media. I hope I dont get fired or booted out. It was a mistake a honest mistake. It was for facebook .

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