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Capcom leaks: Nintendo paid around $6 million for 9 months of exclusivity for Monster Hunter

Sadly for Capcom a few week’s back the company suffered a rather heavy data leak. One thing which has emerged today is how much Nintendo paid Capcom for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin exclusivity on the Switch. Well it turns out Nintendo paid $6 million for exclusivity for the games before they eventually comes to the PC. The Kyoto-based company has nine months of exclusivity for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Capcom hasn’t officially announced a PC version, but it is coming.


20 thoughts on “Capcom leaks: Nintendo paid around $6 million for 9 months of exclusivity for Monster Hunter”

      1. ” Counterpoint”? Im commenting on an article not trying to argue a point. If YOU don’t like the deal Capcom and Nintendo made, cool, I don’t really care either way.

      2. Just like they did with all the exclusives that hit wii u before that. Anyone remember the capcom five? Sure a few were cancelled but the rest ended up on other consoles. Exclusivity means shit to capcom.

  1. This is standard practice across the industry. Capcom
    does not care to keep anything exclusive unless they are paid generously go do so.

    Whether $6mills is more than what is standard would be interesting to see. These numbers are never disclosed.

  2. At this point Nintendo should just purchase capcom or have a 51 percent majority ownership. They kept capcom afloat for years with monster hunter on Nintendo systems.


    1. But Monster Hunter NEVER keept Capcom afloat, those games didn’t even sell well outside of Japan until world which isn’t on the Switch

      1. Excuse me? Dude do your research. I have to call you out on your lack of research.

        MH3 on 3ds popularized MH in the west, mainly because the 3ds was selling like hotcakes. MH4 was the first to reach a million in the west due to it being on the massively popular 3ds. Not to mention capcom made an attempt to improve it for the west since they saw potential. If MHW did good it wasn’t because it was MHW (i worked in a video game retail during the release and it was cringe to see the amount of casuals come in saying they can’t wait for MHW and not even know the game mechanics, on release very few people that preordered actually picked up the game and for the people that saw the gameplay they quickly returned it, MHW is so casual its laughable)

        MHW did great because of MH3/MH4/MHG which all benefit from being on the 3ds. If you deny that then you deny that the massive boost to MHW was because of the instal base of the ps4.

        MH isn’t capcoms best but it is ONE OF its best.

        So again, do your research.

        I fail to see if where a game company keeps making games for a series that doesn’t make the company money.

      2. Nothing in that comment contradicts what I said. Also, you’re putting words in my mouth I never claimed or said MH wasn’t a profitable franchise. I am merely stating two pieces of factual information :

        1.Monster Hunter was not Keeping Capcom Afloat. Yes the series was making money, but saying it kept the entire company afloat is a wild exaggeration

        2.MH never sold well outside of Japan. again yes the games were profitable, but the franchise’s western presence was shaky at best in the west and did not reach commercial success or notoriety until World.

        I don’t care if you believe this, I don’t care what you’re opinion of the franchise is, but this is factual information.

      3. Lmao I’m not putting words in your mouth I’m GIVING YOU ACTUAL FACTS.
        Heck I can even link you. You stating your opinion doesn’t make it a fact and that precisely what you’re doing. Being delusional doesn’t mean what you state is “fact”.

        1. One franchise will never keep a company a float. Not even indie companies put all their hopes in one sole game/franchise. That’s why I said it was one off Capcoms top. The fact you believe that addresses you lack of business knowledge.

        2 “Never sold well”? Are you seriously that ignorant? I literally just stated that MH on 3ds sold well so much so that thw devs decided they saw potential for the franchise in the west. Its like yall dont want to listen to facts and just consider your opinions fact.

        Do yourself a favor and google things.
        Rather than actually contradicting yourself by saying you don’t care for my “opinion” when you are literally here still trying to argue the facts I literally just read online…

    1. It was ALOT more common during the GameCube era(Especially with Nintendo and Capcom) but that was the last time Nintendo home consoles directly competed with Microsoft and Sony(not counting the WIIU)

    2. No, this is fairly standard practice. You just rarely hear about it. Smaller exclusives often can just be because that’s where the market/fanbase is…but with bigger ones there is generally moneyhatting involved when they don’t fund development outright which is typically more common with Nintendo admittedly.

    3. Why do you think Monster Hunter was exclusive to Nintendo systems for so many years, only releasing on 3DS and Wii? It wasn’t because Capcom hated the other consoles… It’s because Nintendo likely paid for exclusivity. The gigantic success of World means that Nintendo will never again be able to lock down the series like that.

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