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Video: Super Nintendo World Direct presentation

As promised, Nintendo has officially released their Super Nintendo World Direct presentation today. If you have been following along with the news coverage of Super Nintendo World over the past year or two, then it’s likely that the Direct didn’t have anything major that you hadn’t heard before.

The Direct does, however, provide an in-depth look at Super Nintendo World. In fact, Miyamoto gives a complete tour of the area, talking about every nook and cranny of the things you’ll be able to see and do there. If you’re catching up on details about it, the Direct does a good job at this. Nintendo‘s tweet of the Direct, which includes a link to watch it in case you missed seeing it live, can be seen down below.

3 thoughts on “Video: Super Nintendo World Direct presentation”

  1. Well the Mario toy caught my attention.

    Seriously though, I can’t get too excited about this:

    1. For an mini-theme park (with Universal Studios) called Super Nintendo World, they solely focus on Super Mario.
    2. Even after the pandemic ends (if ever), it’ll takes years for the average person to afford a trip there. Admission, transportation, room and stay, etc.
    3. In 2015, I already planned out a full Nintendo theme park, based on Islands of Adventure:

  2. I think it looks fantastic! I loved all the little details they put into the park, it’s very Disney-esque. It may be small, but at least they always have the ability to grow. Maybe one day we’ll get an area for other Nintendo franchises.

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