A Super Nintendo World Direct is happening on December 18th

Apparently, Nintendo wants to make one last pre-Christmas promotional push of the big Super Nintendo World area that is opening in Universal Studios Japan early next year. Despite the coronavirus pandemic delaying Super Nintendo World’s opening, and the pandemic even worsening so far this holiday season, Nintendo’s got some Super Nintendo World news to share.

In fact, Nintendo has decided to do a Super Nintendo World Direct. It is scheduled to take place on December 18th at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific/11pm UK time. The Direct, according to Nintendo, will last for 15 minutes. And as for video game content, Nintendo says that “no game content will be featured”. Their announcement tweet is down below.


  1. But like what is the point, I mean america is still struggling with corona, it makes sense for japan and other countries to see the direct but why america, nintendo has been doing everything in their power to not have a general direct.

    1. Maybe, Nintendo wants us to get jelly with ’em, they’ll probably want to drink our tears and say *licks tears* “Ohhh, your tears of unfathomable sadness, yummy you guys, yummy!!!” lol

      By the way, thanks for the likes, you’re the first to like my posts.:D

    2. because they are making one in the US. so it will drive up the hype. also the one in the US will be 4 times the size so what ever they have at this one. the US one will have even more going on

      1. I thought it’ll be a few more years till we get one here tho, I understand the hype, but like with the current situation were in, I don’t honestly see myself going to an amusement park anytime soon.

    3. Maybe they are trying byo spread joy one last time before the year is completely over. So, I know this direct won’t feature game content but it is a bit nice to get some news from this Nintendo world.

    1. that would be pretty dumb. thats like saying why not make a stage based on the 93 Super Mario Bros movie. We dont need to start adding elements from outside the games

      1. i think we all know why the movie isnt in the game lol. “dumb” lol ok great argument, why not make it a stage, its based on mario games, even level design.

  2. Nintendo, it’s the holiday season season, in the middle of a pandemic, and many of us are trying to watch our annual holiday specials, while buying gifts for other family members, with whatever little holiday we still have left this year.

    You’ve already announced Sephiroth for Smash, gave us such minor directs while shadow-dropping several games, canceled a Melee tournament, canceled a Splatoon live-stream, and shutdown a charity.

    Please just leave us alone. Please.

  3. My heart almost skipped a beat when I read “Direct”… and then I saw the “Super Nintendo World”.
    Nah, I’ll pass. What’s even the point at a time like this.

  4. What is wrong with you lot? Complaining about being shown a Nintendo theme park!? Even if I never get to go it’s still cool to see what it’s like. Lighten up

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