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Japan: Nintendo updates amiibo website to include power-up band info

Nintendo has updated the landing page for the power-up bands that will be made available to purchase at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The exciting theme park is set to open its doors to the public in the next couple of months and visitors can purchase a power-up band to enjoy a collection of interactive activities that are scattered throughout the Nintendo-themed area. The power-up bands also double up as amiibo, and according to the amiibo website, each band can be used as a standard amiibo for the corresponding character. For example, a Mario Power-Up Band will be detected as a Mario amiibo when scanned on the right Joy-Con.

There are a few bands to choose from and you check out some of the designs below.

Each band can be used in conjunction with the companion app that’s available to use at the park but for those not wanting to download the smartphone app, there are check-in points located in Super Nintendo World. Players can scan their band to check their scores, coins and stamps and keep track of what activities they need to complete.

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    1. Doesn’t really matter. Most games view them as the exact same thing. The only ones that really mattered where the two 8-bit, metal and gold Mario in Mario Maker 1.

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